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Garand Rebarrel from Tim Shufflin

Good Morning. Here I am back to talk about my M-1 Garand again. If you read my review here on it back in the surplus rifles section I did then you know after we fired that day I was less than thrilled with the groups. As it turns out about 15 mins away from me there is a guy named Tim Shufflin that is a pretty well known Garand Guru and makes his living building his version of the “Tanker” Garand he calls the “Mini-G”.


M1 Garand Review

Today I want to continue with the surplus rifle series I’ve been working on. So far we have been trying to stick with “budget” guns which this one really isn’t. I bought the gun for 300$ cash but that was just plain lucky. Expect to spend 800$ on up usually. Still though it’s a surplus rifle and I think the coolest one ever! M1 Garands just radiate “BADASS”, these things are just plain tough. I feel tougher every time I pick her up. 🙂  I think sometimes about what this rifle may have seen and wish she could talk. Maybe she was in the Battle of the Bulge, possible went ashore at Normandy, could have been in the hands of a US Marine in the Chosin Reservoir in Korea, possibly made the trip to the top of Mt. Suribachi on Iwo Jima, maybe she was guarding old Quonset huts full of GI boxer shorts at MCRD San Diego, who knows. One thing is for sure though, whatever roles this rifle ever filled she served them well. General Patton said this was “the greatest battle implement ever devised by man”. Enough said.


T-26 Tanker Garand Review


I picked up a little sweetheart a day ago. I was in my usual Johnsons Sporting goods in Adrian MI and was just about to leave. I hadn’t seen anything that caught my eye and was saying goodbye to my man Smitty in there when I turned and saw her. A Tanker Garand 🙂 I’ve always admired those carbine versions of “the greatest single battle implement ever devised by man.” This little girl is in great shape. At $800 I figured if I didn’t like it I could recoup my money on as they regularly sell for more. So we went home together.