World’s First Preview of the ASR (Aero Survival Rifle)

Attention!  World’s First Preview of the ASR (Aero Survival Rifle)

TNW Firearms, Inc. of Vernonia, Oregon has released a new pistol caliber carbine, the that has unique disassembly/assembly capabilities. This rifle can be broken down to its main components in under a minute and stored in a “grab and go” or “bug-out-bag”. The ASR has multiple caliber capability, easily changing from 9mm to .40 S&W to .45 acp. Check out the world’s first presentation to the public by Carter Cutlery who happens to be friends with the owner of TNW Firearms. The MSRP of this rifle is $575 in .40 S&W or 9mm and $595 in .45 acp. The extra caliber components and “grab and go” bag are sold separately. Rifles are available for immediate delivery.

View this in-depth review here:

TNW Firearms, Inc
55325 Timber Rd.
Vernonia, OR 97064
(503) 429-5001



Murray Carter
ABS Master Bladesmith 17th Generation Yoshimoto Bladesmith

2038 NW Aloclek Drive, Suite #225
Hillsboro, Oregon 97124
503-466-1331 (office)
503-816-6556 (cell)


By: Murray Carter

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Consumer review

  • mal oSCO


  • Bill Bronski

    Hey Murray,
    If you are involved with Tim at TNW you may want to call Scott at Tactical Mfg 503-307-6317.

  • Clyde Gates

    Where can I get one in .45ACP with a conversion to 9mm?