Weaver KASPA 3×12 Review


Howdy, so occasionally we all screw the pooch. So I’m here to come clean on my latest mistake. Ya know if you spend enough time with gun people (or anybody) no matter what it is 99.8% of the time the blame is put on somebody else or faulty something, never the person telling the story. My dealer Joe made me laugh he said “Cary, it’s refreshing to actually see somebody that for once took the blame for missing targets instead of blaming it on the sh*t I sold them” So that being said I messed up and I’m going to explain it.

Look at my Rock River Arms LAR-8 review to see what I said about the Kaspa 3×12 Scope from Weaver. I think I used “junk-pile”, “lasted for 12 or 13 rounds” and that I “properly torqued down” the new one piece mount. My first time with one of those and I thought I had it right, NOPE! I did NOT tighten the mount to the rail tight enough. Hence 4 inch groups with match grade ammo at 100 yards. I didn’t feel any looseness all those times I fired it in the beginning but apparently it was enough to screw everything up. If you look at the pics you will see the back sides of the bolts that tighten the mount to the rail are sucked in. It feels tight when you first start getting there BUT if you go another turn or so those bolts suck in the side. That didn’t happen the first time I did it and I wasn’t hitting crap. My fault. So I took the scope off the RRA LAR-8 and put on a Millet and all was well with the world. So wrongly blame the scope is what I did.

So I decide to just play around with the Kaspa again on a Remington 700 SPS Tactical I took the Millet from. Well I tightened the bolts up the REAL “properly” this time and had a whole new experience. I sighted it in and then the next day fired the cold bore  group shown in the pic. It’s smaller than a dime, a lot smaller actually. Depending on how you measure, going center hole to center hole at its widest is still a under 1/4 inch. That’s pretty good I think,  better than I usually do. That’s a scaled down target that simulates 150m if you fire at 25 meters. I fired at 100 yards so it simulates roughly what a man-size target looks like at 600 meters. It was a Remington 700 SPS in Bell Carlson Medalist adjustable stock. Using the Weaver KASPA on 12x. The ammo was 7.62×51 Federal GMM in 175 grain. 70 degrees, sunny, no value wind fired from the prone off a Harris bi-pod. That’s about as good as I need it to get.

Details on the KASPA: It’s not the junk-pile I initially said it was. Is it still any good?? Well I guess that depends. It has an illuminated reticle with a BDC. The thing focus’s well and is bright enough. Leupold bright? No. As bright as anything I have used in the $400-500 range? Yes. It cost less than 200$ delivered on eBay, 172$ if I remember right. The turrets are decent and have positive clicks. They lock in that you need to lift up the turret to adjust and then push it back down. So it can’t be bumped off accidentally. The turrets zero out and the fit and finish are good enough. The turrets seem to track well, so all good. Now am I saying “Oh yeah you don’t need to spend 80 million dollars on high quality optics, the Kaspa is just as good for 172$” NO! I am NOT saying that! I’m just saying if you were say a beginner or a kid, your piggy bank is empty right after buying your new rifle, it’s for a rim-fire, you just wanted a beater cheap scope that seems to work or you need something to use so you can shoot until you can buy a better scope. THESE are the things you can take a look at the Weaver Kaspa for. Since I got my head and ass wired together and did what I was supposed to with the nice RRA 1 piece mount (which I do like) this Weaver has done just fine on a 308 with about 250 rds under its belt now. It holds a zero and I’m pleased with it. I’m just not going to take a $172 scope to World War 3 with me that’s all. If I murdered innocent animals like a lot of you “tough guys” do then this would probably be just fine on a 30/30 lever action gunning down Bambi’s innocent Dad. So go slaughter the poor, defenseless creatures.

OK, so lets wrap up: For the $$ spent I can’t find anything to complain about since I finally mounted the thing right. For the reasons stated above I think this is a good beginner/starter/beater scope. I feel I got my $172 worth. Lastly, you can quit cursing me and relax. :) I’m not a PETA member, I just don’t hunt. I know it needs to be done or animals starve in the winter around here and it’s your right as an American to do what you want and enjoy the time honored American and family traditions. I would NEVER support stripping hunters rights and I don’t look down on hunting at all. It’s just that I LOVE to say that in the right circles like the gun store, bar or gun-shows because it really pisses off people who don’t know me and I find hunters reactions to “murdering animals” very amusing to me. :) I can really fire some people up with that one!!! You should see “old guys”, they get purple faced and freak out. Younger guys don’t usually say much but mutter under their breaths and scowl. LOL, but I was only pulling your chain. :) So take it as the joke it’s meant to be when I do that. Wrapping up, there’s nothing wrong with this Weaver KASPA 3×12. Infact for the money spent it’s really starting to impress me and my fault for saying otherwise the first time.

So as always thanks for reading and train often.

By: Cary Kieffer



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Cary Kieffer

USMC Infantry/Combat Veteran - Current LEO.

4 Responses to Weaver KASPA 3×12 Review

  1. RTO says:

    I was looking to buy a Kaspa to break in a new rifle which is how I found this old post.

    I appreciate the gentleman’s honesty in his writing/reviewing. I would however, like to respond to the hunting critique he provided. Some of us hunt for food and I do not kill animals except for three reasons: 1) Varmints that kill livestock or would other wise cause possible harm to crops or livestock, 2) To humanely put an animal out of its misery, 3) To provide meat for my family. Having said that, I’d like to share some history of the last ten years. I bought a rifle and scope for about $1200 and in the 10 years that followed, counting clothing (fairly expensive), licenses, ammunition, and butchering–I know, I should be doing this myself…., I have been able to put the healthiest meat on the table for about $2 per pound. In my opinion, venison is healthier than the best $20/pound steak. After 10 years, costing all the articles, the rifle and scope are now free of charge. A pretty fair proposition all-in-all.

    • Cary Kieffer says:

      RTO, just so you know the scope is still going strong. It’s been a gem especially for the price. The hunting cheapshots I took back then were totally meant in fun :) I do the same to my little woman. That crazy girl hunts bears with a bow. Thanks for stopping by TGR. Cary

  2. kadon says:

    after using this did it hold zero well

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