Trijicon TARS sneak peak

Trijicon TARS

By staff writer: Charles Coker

Trijicon TARS just arrived!  Yeah, these have been out for and we have been on the waiting list to get one of the very few available for T&E.

Remember the old Wendy’s commercial?

Where’s the beef?  Well.. UPS just dropped it off.  Clearly this scope was designed for hard military use where durability is king.  This scope is made with thick walled aluminum and could undoubtedly take a severe beating and keep on working..

Check back for our thoughts after we have some time on the Trijicon TARS.

Scope overview:

  • 3-15 x 50
  • FFP
  • Mil reticle
  • Mil turrets
  • Illuminated
  • 34mm tube
  • Zero stop
  • 44 mil total elevation, 10 mils per rev
  • Waterproof to 20 meters


Trijicon TARS 3-15

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  1. Mike Coker says:

    Looking forward to the field report.

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