Timney AR15 trigger review

Timney AR15 trigger

If you want to build a great AR15 or you want to upgrade your existing AR there are two items that matter more than anything else..  a good barrel and a good trigger.  There are lots of options out there, I am going to cover one of the best choices out there. Timney makes several options, I have tested the singlestage 3lb.

Two stage or singlestage? I think it is just a matter of personal preference, I don’t think one is inherently safer or better. Personally, I prefer singlestage triggers set to about 3 lbs.  Some feel that is too light for defensive use and that is certainly understandable.

The Timney AR15 trigger is a simple drop in unit that takes just a few moments to install. In use it has a nice feel to the trigger face, there is no creep ( I DETEST CREEP!!!!), it breaks clean like a good bolt action, there is no over travel and the reset is short and positive.   I am very picky and there’s nothing that I think that needs to be tweaked. It’s an extremely good trigger that has ran 100%, ignites hard military primers like the CCI 41, has never doubled on me and has passed dropped testing.

Timney AR15 trigger review

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  • Cary Kieffer

    Agreed…while I never used one in an AR, the Timney is a must have in any of my Rem 700s. I have been looking at one for a suppressed Ruger Charger I built up with a 8 inch Green Mt. Barrel and a Sig “wrist brace” in a Tapco stock I cut down. Would buy one for my Tavor if they make one too. Good trigger.