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NRA 2018 Dallas show coverage

What a great weekend !  Almost 90 thousand attendees at the NRA show in Dallas!  That’s a LOT of freedom loving individuals in one place.  I try to stay out of the political fray here (that’s what Facebook is for 🙂 ) but I have to say a few things really stood out for me.  I was wondering if there were going to anti NRA protesters there.  I was there Saturday and Sunday and saw not a single one.  I heard there were some on Thursday or Friday, but very few.  I had already decided if I encountered any I was just going to smile and tell them “I appreciate your support, thanks for coming!”  There was a strong Dallas PD presence outside the convention.  I absolutely support ALL of our constitutionally protected rights, including the first amendment, even if I don’t like or agree with what they have to say.  However, if they cross that line and start vandalizing property or get physically confrontational or violent, that is a different matter entirely.  Well kids, this is Texas and the Dallas PD was NOT going to put up with that.  I am pretty confident they were not there to keep an eye on “us” but were there to squelch any BS or, God forbid some wacko making a point.  We were allowed to carry inside the event and I saw a few open carry guys as well, even though personally, I don’t like the idea of it but it is their right.   The media was falsely spreading the message that we weren’t and that the NRA was hypocritical.  It took about 45 seconds to verify via the NRA website that only the hall where the President and Vice President were speaking were restricted areas per the Secret Service.  Typical.  So, almost 90 thousand “gun people” and a lot of them armed, not one single instance, as expected.  WE are NOT the problem.  Another thing I saw was on Sunday morning they announced that the National Anthem was about to start, every single person shut up, removed their hats, put their hand over their heart and cheered at the end.  As it should be.  Don’t have to like everything our government does, and I certainly do not, but show some respect and acknowledge you are lucky to live here.  God bless America.

Assault Weapons: NRA News with Dom Raso

NRA News Commentators Episode 44:  “ASSAULT WEAPONS” | Dom Raso
Dom Raso and his friend Jerry, a S.W.A.T. officer from New Jersey, dispel the myth that so-called “assault weapons” are the preferred firearms of criminals.


Trijicon Variable Combat Optical Gunsight VCOG

Trijicon VCOG

Tactical Gun Review had the opportunity to handle the new Trijicon VCOG at the NRA Convention in Houston.  The first thing that strikes you is “Quality.”  This is one finely manufactured optic.  The entire unit feels extremely solid.  While it is impossible to really evaluate optics in the harsh confines of a convention hall, the eye relief box is generous and the clarity is amazing when viewing the far back dark corners of the hall.  Controls are sturdy and you can certainly adjust magnification while wearing gloves.

NRA Convention Houston 2013

Trijicon VCOG

Tactical Gun Review sent four editors to the 2013 NRA Convention in Houston, Texas to visit sponsors and check out the new gear.  The convention was a huge success with over 86,000 shooting enthusiasts in attendance.  NOT present were any of those pesky protesters – this is Houston after all, not Seattle.

The Annual Banquet and Auction Thursday night was a blast! Unfortunately, none of our raffle dreams came true but we did enjoy the tremendous fellowship of being in the company of so many shooters and hunters! Stay tuned for more detailed product reviews.

2012 NRA Annual Meetings – Destination St. Louis

By Kurt Gruber, TacticalGunReview Staff Writer

This past weekend almost 75 thousand gun owners (73,740 is the official number announced on NRA Radio’s Cam and Company show) traveled from all corners of our great country to the heartland for the 2012 NRA Annual Meetings.  I jumped in the car and made the 900 plus mile drive from Texas for this amazing convention of likeminded Americans.