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3 Suppressors for Hunting

LMT Suppressed

Silencers can now be used for hunting in forty States.  Eighteen States have legalized suppressors since the American Silencer Association was formed in 2011.  As of September 1, 2012 it became legal to hunt game animals with a suppressor in my home State of Texas – and you can bet I was ready with a new Templar Tactical (Crux) Ark30!  That first year only a handful of my friends were deer hunting with a suppressor.  Today, I estimate that at least a third of the sportsmen on our hunting lease run a can.Silencers Hunting

What is the best suppressor for hunting?  The short answer is, “whatever you got” as long as it fits the lawful definition in your State.  However, there are a handful of suppressors specifically made for hunting and we have field experience with many of them.  These hunting-specific suppressors share common traits:

  • Full-size silencer around 8″ length.
  • Aluminum / Stainless construction.
  • Moderate price point around $500 – $700 street.
  • Not Short Barrel Rifle rated.
  • Not Full Auto rated.
  • Direct thread or taper mount.
  • 7.62 caliber.

Let’s take a look at three of the most highly recommended suppressors purpose-built for hunting.  These models will all provide years of enjoyment and make a great entry-point into the NFA world.   It is important to understand that these are not heavy-duty beaters to burn through mag-dumps.  These are quality products but they are designed to run moderate rate of fire on hunting rifles.  Contrary to what the liberal left would tell you, suppressors are ideally suited for hunting.

Gemtech Tracker

Gemtech built the Tracker specifically for hunting.  At only 11.3 ounces and 7.9 inches it is lightweight – which is great when stalking through the woods or mountains.  Gemtech is a well-respected industry leader.  You can’t go wrong with the Tracker.  Silencer Shop current price $470.

Full Review of the Gemtech Tracker!

Gemtech Tracker on a TC Contender

How to Become a Spotting Scope Expert

Spotting Scope

As a hunter, birdwatcher or plain enthusiast, nothing beats the view provided by a spotting scope. Well, nothing but a telescope but that’s a different matter. We are here to discuss spotting scopes and how you can be an expert at using one.

Spotting scopes provide magnification at greater capacity than any other hunting equipment. This is why they are so popular among bird watchers and hunters. They are also used in gun ranges to spot targets further away than the gun scope can achieve helping the shooter to get a more accurate shot.

Before you can be a spotting scope expert, you need to first understand the equipment that you intend to use thoroughly. You cannot claim to be any good at using a spotter if you do not understand the features and numbers and what they mean. You will also not be able to choose between different models and pick the right one for your daily use.

Let’s start by taking a 360 degree view of this amazing equipment then later on we can go about how to effectively use the spotting scope.

Hunting with a Suppressor

On September 1, 2012 it became legal to hunt game animals with a suppressor in Texas.  Thanks to the tireless work of the American Suppressor Association and the National Rifle Association more states are allowing suppressors to be used while hunting.  It is critical that you validate your own state’s regulations before going into the field to hunt with a silencer.  

Suppressor versus Silencer.

Let’s get something out of the way.  Either term is acceptable and anyone who corrects you for using the “wrong” word is an idiot.  

Cole-Tac HTP Suppressor Cover

When shooting suppressed, one of the best ways to take care of your suppressor is with a cover.  There are several on the market currently, and making a choice depends on what you are looking for in a suppressor cover.  For the last several months I have had the privilege of testing out the latest from Cole-Tac, their High Temperature Python (HTP) suppressor cover, and I must say, it has not disappointed me in the least bit.

Trijicon AccuPower 2.5-10X56 Scope Review

Mike Coker

Trijicon is known for producing high quality, battle-proven optics.  I requested the Trijicon AccuPower 2.5X10X56 for review, mounted it on my LMT .308, and headed to the range for first impressions.

The AccuPower model line uses a single CR2032 battery to power the illuminated reticle.  This is a decidedly different approach from the Trijicon AccuPoint that uses fiber optics and a tritium reticle.  AccuPower scopes are less expensive to produce than AccuPoints and this particular model is $200 cheaper than the corresponding AccuPoint unit.  The AccuPower controls the illuminated reticle with eleven (11) brightness settings with an “off” position between each.  I do not like scopes that make you spin all the way back to zero to turn off power to the reticle.

Tenzing TT SP14 Pack Review

Tenzing TT SP14

My old hunting pack had seen better days and I was in the market for something new.  As I considered the shortcomings of my old pack I determined the desired characteristics of the new.  One of the things I hated about my old pack was that it was cavernous.  By that I mean there were several really big compartments along with a few small zippered pockets.  What this meant is that all of my gear was thrown together into the hole and it was a pain to find a specific item when needed – always searching through the dang thing and pulling out one item after another until I got to the bottom and found what I was looking for.  Requirement number one became, “individual compartments purpose-built to hold specific items.”  The Tenzing Tactical Shooters Pack TT SP14 in Kryptek Typhon was the answer.

Texas Outdoors Network

Coker Tactical, LLC is proud to announce our newest venture – Texas Outdoors Network!  Texas Outdoors Network is dedicated to promoting and preserving hunting and fishing in the Great State of Texas.   We are a resource to bring together sportsmen, guides, outfitters, and manufacturers.  Texas is the biggest and best outdoor market in the world and we are proud to be a part of it.

Texas Outdoors Network is brought to you by Coker Tactical, LLC the driving force behind Tactical Gun Review.

We welcome the participation of everyone!  Guides and outfitters are encouraged to publish fishing and hunting reports and to promote their business.  Writers and bloggers can share their experiences and link to their own website.  All we ask in return is to include a link back to Texas Outdoors Network on your website.  Texas Outdoors Network will be attending SHOT Show in Las Vegas to bring you the latest in gear and news!

An Elk Wildcat


So in conjunction with fellow staff writer, Jason Hallmark, we have finally started planning an elk hunt for next year.  While there are a lot of details that go into the planning of a hunt of this caliber, the biggest token piece is choice of firearm.  We both decided to build rifles on similar platforms, but in different calibers. 

MyCaseBuilder Custom Gun Case


Do you need a custom case for your guns and gear?  Look no further than  MyCaseBuilder stocks a wide selection of the best-known cases (at competitive prices) and offers their unique Photo Tracer program.  The Photo Tracer program allows you to take photos of your gear, upload the images to the design utility, trace an outline of the shape, and have a foam insert laser-cut to your specifications.

All Seasons 100 lb Hercules Road Feeder

All Seasons Hercules

All Seasons Feeders have a reputation for reliability and durability.  We have used them extensively on our deer lease for a number of years and they just run – day after day.  When deciding upon a new road feeder the obvious choice was All Seasons.  We ultimately purchased the 100 lb Hercules over the standard galvanized model because we can be tough on equipment.  The All Seasons Hercules is one solid piece of gear that should last many years.

Will you hunt with a Suppressor in 2014?