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Crux Ark30 Suppressor Review

Crux Ark30

Full disclosure.  I own two Crux Ark30 suppressors and have run them hard for several years.  I frequently move them between a number of different hosts – bolt guns, AR-15 and AR-10 platforms, and a variety of calibers.  The Crux Ark30 never fails to perform as expected with zero problems.  It is lightweight and accurate (specifically, very little point of impact shift).

Crux Ark30

Custom 6.8 SPC rifle with Crux Ark30

My suppressors are Ark30 models.  The comparable (identical) suppressor at the Silencer Shop is called the Ark Neo.   According to the owner, the Ark Neo is for the retail market while the Ark30 is for military and law enforcement.  For all practical purposes of this review they are the same product.

The Crux Ark30 is a multi-caliber 7.5″ monocore titanium suppressor weighing only 12 ounces.  Tough enough to run on a shorty SBR.  Full-Auto rated with the integrated PMS brake installed.   The awesome Precision Mounting System results in only 5.5″ added overall length.

Precision Mounting System

Crux Suppressors Now At Silencer Shop!

Crux Logo

Crux Suppressors are finally available through the Silencer Shop!  The business agreement has been years in the making but the complete line of Crux suppressors can now be purchased through the Silencer Shop.  The Crux Nemesis 30 is one awesome silencer.

Full disclosure.  I have spent time with both Dave and Curtis.  I own several Crux suppressors and I have purchased suppressors from the Silencer Shop. 

Crux was formerly known as Templar Tactical.  In fact, my first suppressors are rolled with Templar Tactical.  The initial Templar Tactical product line-up included the Nemesis (6″), Ark (7.5″), and Archangel (9.25″).  These are all 1.5″ diameter, full titanium cans.  For marketing reasons, the name was changed to Crux several years ago.  The two newest models are the Axe and Saxon both of which are slim 1.375″ cans.

Crux Nemesis

Ballistic Advantage 300 BLK 10.3″ Complete Upper

Ballistic Advantage

Here at TGR we are big believers in Ballistic Advantage barrels.  So when I started on a new 300 Blackout build I headed over to their website to spec out a Hanson Profile barrel.  Of course one of the key decisions surrounds matching the right barrel to the right handguard and gas block.  That is when I noticed the menu option for the Complete Uppers.  A Ballistic Advantage Hanson Profile barrel with a VLTOR Freedom Rail ready to rumble right out of the box?  Sold!

There were two 300 BLK uppers I was interested in.  The 8.3″ barrel with 7″ rail or the 10.3″ barrel with 9″ rail.  After some deliberation I decided on the 10.3″ barrel and placed my order and then stalked UPS anxiously waiting for delivery.

Ballistic Advantage

Ballistic Advantage 300 BLK Complete Upper