Steiner P4Xi 1-4X24 – Excellent 3 Gun or Patrol Optics

Steiner P4Xi

Steiner has been on a roll lately and their new P4Xi 1-4X24 is an excellent choice for 3 Gun or Patrol Rifle.  Featuring a true 1X, innovative P3TR illuminated reticle, and a sweet price point the new “Made in the USA” P4Xi deserves consideration for your next build.  I mounted it on my new custom-build 5.56 AR and headed out to our private range south of San Antonio for a field test.

First impression is one of “quality.”  It just feels solid.  Magnification power ring functions smoothly, especially with the Steiner throw lever.

The illumination system (a single red center dot) and etched reticle are well done.  I am finicky about illuminated reticles and Steiner got it right on the P4Xi.  There are 11 settings from “Texas Summer Sun” down to “Nightvision” with an “Off” position between each.

Steiner P4Xi

Steiner P4Xi

As you would expect from a Steiner, the glass is bright, clear, and clean.  The scope is built on a 30mm tube.  The eye box is very forgiving.  The P4Xi is second focal plane.

So, what exactly is a P3TR reticle?  It is a BDC reticle calibrated to work with both 5.56mm and 7.62mm NATO based on a 200 yard zero.  The hashmarks then represent 300, 400, 500, and 600 meters.

Steiner P4Xi

Steiner P4Xi

Turrets are low-profile, capped.  Elevation and windage adjustments may easily be done by hand without the use of a screwdriver or quarter (and this is a very welcome development over the last decade).  Tactile feel is ok, not super precise click-click-click but this is not a long range competition scope – set it and forget it.  One feature that gave me pause is the .5 MOA click value.  I expected to see .1 MIL clicks.  After some consideration, I concluded that it doesn’t make any difference on this particular scope.  The P3TR reticle is not in MIL except for the 5 MIL marks at 3 – 9 – 12 so there really isn’t a “mismatch” of reticle to turret.  Zero at 200 yards and replace the turret caps.  Done.

Steiner P4Xi

Steiner P4Xi

We got an early demo of the P4Xi at the Steiner booth during SHOT Show 2016 and I could swear I was told it was to be Law Enforcement only.  Evidently Steiner marketing realized there would be heavy demand for a quality 1-4 at this price point and decided to make it available to everyone.  There is one subtle difference you should know about.  Item 5201 is the standard P4Xi model.  Item 5202 is only available through authorized LE dealers and, at the time of this writing, includes a free $79 Steiner throw lever.

Steiner P4Xi

Steiner P4Xi

The Steiner P4Xi is nitrogen filled and is waterproof / fog proof.

Bottom line:  At a MSRP of $579 the Steiner P4Xi is a serious contender.

We are pleased to offer a special Group Buy to TGR Readers!  Our parent company, Coker Tactical, LLC is an authorized Steiner dealer.  For additional order inquiry, email us.

Steiner P4Xi – See options:

NOTE: We can add an American Defense Recon Mount for $175.00



3 Responses to Steiner P4Xi 1-4X24 – Excellent 3 Gun or Patrol Optics

  1. Chris Korger says:

    How does this optic compare to the Steiner T5Xi 1-5? Thanks!

  2. john palmer says:

    Would this woek on a .308 AR10?

  3. Bud J says:

    Considering this as an alternative to Vortex on my next build. Thanks for the review. My LGS doesn’t stock

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