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  1. Rick
    May 26, 2015

    How does the CZ999 run with +P ammo?


  2. Dennis Matt
    May 23, 2015

    If anything the comparison to the Sig 226 is exact to a fault. I have ALWAYS despised the long take up on the trigger on the Sig 226, simply not caring for it whatsoever. When I pull a trigger I like to feel the trigger pull immediately and not after the lengthy take up that Sigs and this CZ Clone has. Despite my dislike of the trigger the firearm, both the Sig and the CZ999 are very reliable and accurate and other than the IMHO crappy trigger, are really great handguns. I would rather own two of the CZ999’s than a single Sig 226 and I would probably still have some money left to spend. Another thing I do not care for is the de-cocker. I like my guns capable of being carried “cocked and locked”. If you can live with the drawbacks, these are great guns and at the price the CZ999 is a far better buy than wasting all the money on the name “Sig Sauer”.


  3. aframe
    February 18, 2015

    WARNING CHECK YOUR SLIDE LOCK/DECOCKER SPRINGS!!! Love the gun, but when I first purchased it the slide lock/decocking lever would not hold the slide back. In the process of investigation I found that there were a couple of factory defects with the gun. First, the spring for the slide lock mechanism was too weak to hold the slide lock in place and thus it kept slipping out and the slide would cycle forward without warning or when barely tapped, NOT SAFE especially during reload as the slide was moving BEFORE the round was in place and created a unique jam with the bullet below the barrel and the magazine not seated properly. Also and here I am going to apologize as being new to guns and not using the proper terms, the circular base of the slide lock/decocking lever that rests inside of the grips had not been milled properly and was too larger resulting in the mechanism rubbing/wearing down the underside of the grip. I contacted Zastava arms directly and their customer support was initially very helpful and guided me through the process of grinding down the decocker to the proper size, but when that did not fix the slide lock issue, customer service suddenly disappeared and never returned another email. I had to take it to a g-smith to figure out the spring issue. So be warned, and check the underside of your grips to see if there is wear on them and also double check that spring tension level. Be safe. If you think you have an issue, send me a an email at taredington@hotmail.com and I can send you some photos and video of my issue and what zastava said was needed to fix it.


  4. Joseph
    August 3, 2014

    Ive heard this described as a sig clone : runs from same holster , and am curious would this run the same mags as say a sig p226 or along those lines . Just picked one up and am curious about the compatiblity.


    • azrhino
      March 31, 2015

      Every bit as good as a SIG 226 and with a longer lasting finish. CZ999 is an awesome self defense pistol. IMHO as a former LE firearms instructor.


  5. Boiler
    August 7, 2015

    Does any realize that CZ999 has very long trigger reset distance? Its reset distance is the same as your SA take up+ over travel.


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