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  1. 53GR
    September 17, 2013

    Cary, I’m really interested in seeing how the 5.45x39mm conversion that IWI is coming out with will perform in the Tavor. Any word on that?


    • Cary Kieffer
      September 18, 2013

      “Soon” is the time frame on its release date. Its supposed to be $800 roughly.


  2. Cary Kieffer
    September 10, 2013

    Thanks Mike, I saw one of those Rhino’s on a tv commercial the other day for one of those spy shows…it caught my eye as I sometimes wonder why the prop people for movies/TV pick the weapons they use. I’ll be looking forward to your review on that, always wondered myself about those. My Uncle Jim asked me what I thought awhile back on those too, I didn’t have an answer. I can’t decide whether I like the look or not. She looked pretty good shootin’ it though :)


  3. Mike Coker
    September 9, 2013

    4,75″ sight height. I knew there was something about the gun (just looking at it) that threw me off and that is it. It isn’t the bullpup thing – it is how low the barrel sits. I need to evaluate one of the Chiappa Rhino revolvers for much the same reason. Very cool review Cary.


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