• KommieKiller

    I don’t know, if it’s WOROL time the long gun maybe the way to go, but in my opinion the best home defense weapon is shotgun with a pistol grip and no stock.
    Easier to wield, much more knock down power and you don’t have to worry about that 5.56 mm round going through the walls of three separate houses before it hits the neighbor down the block.

    • Cary Kieffer

      Kommie, its a personal preference. I have used an m4 for real many times and am just most comfortable with one. I also have 2 mossbergs with pistol grips loaded up at home and a 12 inch AOW waitin for me at my class 3 shop for when the Gov finally decides to bless my paperwork with a tax stamp. Thanks for stopping by TGR.

  • Randy Williams

    I previously owned a Bushmaster AR was a ORC and i put a Leaupold rifleman on it was very accurate really liked the weapon,however had to get rid of all my weapons. I now purchased a Ruger mini-14 tactical with cheap jap made hologram site and front pistol grip that also has by-pod inside is plastic but works,also has tac light on it ans this weapon is a heavy sob!!! My question is I prefer a AR platform and thinking about trading back. My Ruger is stainless with carbon fiber adj stock and would be good for hunting but not for carrying, would you make the trade or keep ruger and just buy a Car-15.

    Enjoyed your review and would like to discuss with you feel free to call me at
    352-262-7015 thanks.

    • Cary Kieffer

      Thanks Randy, glad you enjoyed it. I would trade it. Logistics being the reason. If I’m going to have 2 5.56 rifles I want parts and magazine interchangeability, not 2 different guns. AR prices are down a ton. I wouldn’t take a beating on the Ruger, hold out for the right buyer but I would ditch it and stay with one platform. That platform would also be a Rock River Arms or Sig 516. I have quite a few Rocks, for 10 years or more,but recently bought 2 sigs. Both sigs are sweet. Hope that helps point you where to go. Thanks for stopping by TGR.

  • Kelly

    I am currently kicking around the idea of the bushmaster AR. I am just wanting some no BS assessments. Thank you.

    • Cary Kieffer

      Kelly, my no bs assessment would be to buy a rock river as your first ar…no way to be unhappy then IMHO. The uses of the carbon 15 are limited but I also bought a 2nd one…so obviously I like them…just that they dont hold a candle to a RRA Operator series or the Entry Tactical. Good luck. Let us know what you bought. Cary

  • Ed

    Had mine about a year. The red dot provided was insufficient for any hope
    of accuracy. Put on a Nikon, sighted it in, & was doing 1.5 inch groups
    at 55 yds

  • Larry Webster

    I just purchased a new “Carbon fiber” AR-15 Bushmaster in .223 cal. I have shot over 100 rounds through it with a “Redfield” “Battle Zone” tactical scope. I can not get a group tighter than 4.5″. I’m useing Hornady 55gr. V-Max shells so it’s not the shells or me. Has anyone else been having this trouble? If so is there a fix or am I going to have to take it in the shorts and replace it with another brand.

    • Cary Kieffer

      Larry, I have had high quality shells not group in weapons before. Try something else first. I usually try at least 5-6 brands and weights, then make a decision. Make sure your rail on the upper receiver is not loose or flexing. That can be an issue. If it flexes, use some high quality glue under neath the rail and tighten the screws up and let it dry. That will help. I have also (several times) had brain farts and not tightened up ring screws or the bases to the rail before too. So check those again. The rifle will shoot better than that with a magnified scope. I was shooting those groups with just a cheap red dot. My first best guess is trying out other ammo though. Those groups will probably shrink to 2 inches when you find what she likes. If all else fails don’t “take it in the shorts” LOL. Get ahold of me. If you want to ditch it email me at cary@tacticalgunreview.com and maybe we can work something out. You can ship it to my FFL no problem. Thanks for stopping by TGR anbd good luck. Let us know what happens.

      • larry webster

        Thanks for the info. I’ve tried the ladder method of different shells in 3 shot groups at the same target. I’ve also used a Williams scope mounting tool to make sure the mounts and rings are exact and torqued the screws to recommend inch pounds etc. To be honest I got better groups at 50 yards with the little red scope that came with the rifle. Again thanks…… you have give me a starting point.

        • Cary Kieffer

          Larry, no problem. It’s tough these days to find any shells at all let alone a variety for a task like yours. In general though, through all my AR’s Federal Gold Medal usually out shoots Hornady except in my RRA ATH. That one prefers Hornady 75 grain moly coated match but she is the only one. Also for cheapy practice the PMC X-Tac 62 grain steel core tend to shoot the best out of all the military ball stuff I have tried. I can usually shoot .75-1.5 MOA with that stuff depending on me and the day I am having. Just a thought if you run across any boxes of them. If not and you can’t solve your problems again get ahold of me with that email and I can either buy it or ship you a box of PMC and Federal match at cost to test it. I have oodles of both. Good luck.

    • Scott

      Mr. Webster, I reccomend you try 62 grain or even 70. The twist rate might be your issue.

  • http://www.daharsh.net John Daharsh

    I just picked one up this morning, surprised me to see a Bushmaster on the shelf at the normally barren gun store.

    I saw the carbon and wasn’t sure, but the price and overall lack of any other AR15s convinced me to pick one up.

    I haven’t been able to shoot it yet but I have found one problem. I put a few different mags in it just to check. Everything seemed fine until the factory mag wouldn’t go back in and I saw that the magazine eject button was stuck too far in. I couldn’t get a mag to stay in, and even after fiddling with the button it wouldn’t pop out.

    I locked the bolt back and reached down to push the latch, when I did the button popped back out but the bolt also flew forward and nicely mangled my finger. Stupid me I guess.

    SO just a warning that apparently that button can go too far in and get stuck.


    • Cary Kieffer

      John, I’d remove the magazine catch (it’s easy to do) and look for a burr in there somewhere. If you don’t find one I wouldn’t sweat it. I bet it loosens up with a few rounds fired and some mag changes. My LAR-8 (308 AR from Rock River Arms) is a rifle that to me is nearly beyond reproach I like it so much, yet when it was brand new my mag button was a pain as well and that is a metal receiver. It loosened up in no time flat. So look for a burr if you want. Otherwise I think she’ll be fine with a bit of use. Congrats on finding a gun! Cary

  • Bryan

    Thanks for your review. I found the info useful and it was good to hear it in the perspective of HD. Most AR guys would just dismiss the carbon as junk for some of the reasons you stated. But I think it is refreshing that you were able to look at this weapon in light of its intended purpose, and not like it is below par for a battle rifle so it must be junk. It sounds like this rifle would suit my needs just fine.

    • Cary Kieffer

      Thanks Bryan, If it fits your needs I wouldn’t hesitate. It will never be my first SHTF weapon choice but that doesn’t mean she’s a pile of junk. I don’t regret the purchase one bit.

      • Tom

        I got my Carbon about a year ago and have about 3000 rounds in it and not one malfunction. I have found no abnormal wear at all. Don’t get me wrong I’m not taking it to Afghanistan. I did find the fit and finish could be better. I had to sand the upper and lower a little bit to get a tight fit and I also had and issue with the rail moving a little. So I used a two part epoxy to bond the rail and the upper together…Solid as a rock now. Plinking at the range or taking out varmints this thing is worth the short money.

        • Cary Kieffer

          Tom, glad to hear the carbon is holding up after 3 cases. I haven’t fired but 8 centerfire rounds of any kind since all the craziness started. That was 45 acp just to test a mag for function quick. So mine barely has more than the 600 and sumthin’ I fired for the review. I’m in a holding pattern with all my stockpiled centerfire till prices come down. My 22’s have been getting more use than they ever did. Thanks for stopping by TGR. Cary

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