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  1. jbata
    January 12, 2013

    I have had a dig p239 9mm for the last 5years. It is truly the best gun for accuracy and dependability I have ever shot or owned. It is dead on round for round. Never fails me, and I personally love the 10 pound trigger. Pressure. That is the safety on the gun. It is heavy duty bullet spitting son of a gun. And I would recommend it over any other. I shoot heavy and when I mean heavy I mean 500 round in just a few short hours. Never fails me. I would put it against any gun any day on any range.


  2. Cody Pintello
    March 25, 2012

    I am looking to purchase the Sig Sauer P250 2Sum pack in 9mm. I noticed in the reviews before Dec 2010 it caught a bad rap. Have all of the issues been worked out? Are parts for other calibers more accessable now? I am not looking to hear how good sig is i just want to know about this model.


  3. mcoker
    November 11, 2011

    by frosty62824
    I have P239 .40 & have .357 Sig barrel also. Love it, like hogue grips, added extender to clips to get 8+1 shots. Gun is heavy, but you can shoot it a lot with no problems. Very accurate & dependable. Favorite ammo 135 gr. personal defense loads. Expensive, but my life is worth it. Great handling, shoots dead-on every time. Going to add a Crimson Trace Laser ASAP. May buy something new & lighter to carry but I’ll never retire this workhorse, just too lethal & dependable in a fight! I always have it around & ready.


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