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It was a good day in my world. I just got back in the door from a bit of informal plinking with the G/F’s son. We took off to Johnsons Sporting Goods in Adrian MI. to buy a new Ruger SR22. I wanted this thing the other day when I was in there but somebody put it on layaway before I could get my hands on it. Then they went and changed their minds. So I got her today. 309$ very well spent.

Initial impressions: She is VERY nice looking. It comes with the usual junk, paperwork, lock, fired casing and a zip up soft case. I was glad to see Ruger included 2 10 round magazines. That was a trend it seemed like companies were getting away from a few years back and it’s a pet peeve to buy a gun and only have one mag in the box. So nice it came with a spare. The fit and finish is great looking and it even has an interchangeable grip. 3 dot fully adjustable sights as well. I was impressed as while the gun is smaller than I imagined it would be it is totally loaded with features. Including a decock as part of the safety, ambi-safety and ambi-mag release. It also has a tactical rail for lights and lasers :) Nearly perfect. The only thing that was wrong in my opinion was the “lawyer” trigger is WAY to heavy both double and single action and they put a magazine safety in. :( UGH!! I despise magazine safeties. I will have to see what can be done about that. That’s a bummer. All in all tho, you get a really nice seeming pistol for your 300 bones.


So off to the backyard the boy and I went with a box of 325 rounds of Federal target ammo. We ran about a dozen magazines through it. I am happy to report the trigger smoothed out and seemed to lighten up considerably. It is much better than it started out. Not bad now but hopefully it breaks in even a little bit more. I was pleased though. Plinking was pretty informal today, mostly just watched the young man, coached and worked on his safe gun handling. The SR22 performed flawlessly, which I wasn’t surprised, it’s a Ruger. All in all it seems to be an accurate little gun. He was hitting his plates 85-90% of the time and Mama came out whacked a couple herself. I didn’t shoot any groups but I did back up to roughly 38 yards and was able to hit a regular light bulb out of a lamp I found laying back there. So that’s what?? maybe a 3 inch target? It took 3 shots and the first 2 hit 2 inches left, elevation was right on. I didn’t have a screwdriver to adjust the rear site with me so I just aimed a smidgen right and hit the bulb. I’ll give her 2 clicks of right windage next time I go. I could barely see the bulb from there so I have no doubt this pistol will shoot beautifully. All in all a very good shooting, impressive little gun.


Carry or home defense pistol?? I have been thinking about that, I’m not going too, it’s a 22. Not that that’s bad because we know 22’s will do a number on somebody. I just can handle and therefore should carry a bigger round. If your comfortable only with a 22 then I would say yes, I think this would be an excellent choice for carry if you choose a 22LR. I would put 500 rounds through it first to make sure she ran perfectly and I knew the weapon well enough to employ it properly but after that then yes. I think if your into a 22 then this is a perfect choice. Light, small, accurate, full featured and so far totally reliable. I really am very happy with this thing right off the get go. I think it important to say also that the grip choices, going with the smaller one, I can’t see this being too large for anybody’s hands. I would think the smallest, most petite shooter should be able to get a good hold on this with the small grip.

So wrapping up: Need a cool, sweet looking new plinker?? You found a great one. Are you small or recoil/noise sensitive and need a smooth shooting, accurate and reliable self defense pistol?? Again I think you found a great one, all this and just over 300$. I think one hell of a bargain gun here!! Thanks Ruger! nice work!! (except for the magazine safety) This little sweetheart is going to see a lot of use I believe. It may be time to retire the Ruger MK3, I like it that much.

As always thanks for reading and happy shooting!

By: Cary Kieffer

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Cary Kieffer

USMC Infantry/Combat Veteran - Current LEO.

6 Responses to Staff Gun Review: Ruger SR22

  1. Jeff says:

    I read in the review that the trigger broke in a little lighter than when purchased. My wife qualified for her CCW on a Walther P22. WIth a break in period would you say the trigger is comparable? Great Review – Thanks.

    • Cary Kieffer says:

      I’m sorry Jeff, I don’t know. I have never even handled the Walther. The Ruger trigger has gotten better but never great. The one I have would need a trigger job if it was anything but a plinker. I would think if you still want a better trigger after say the first 1000 rds then I’d start looking for a gun smith. Thanks for stopping by TGR.

  2. James E. Smith says:

    I have one and i like it real well,Would tell any one to buy one. Like the way it sets in my hand.

  3. Curtis says:

    I also have a Ruger SR22. Less than a year old, but I have fired about 500 rounds. Shoots great and you will love the adjustable rear sites. It will shoot any ammo. I buy what ever is available. As of today (April 11, 2013) both .22 LR and 9mm almost impossible to find at any price (Winston-Salem, NC). Recommend you invest in a good cleaning kit. I’m old school (Vietnam vet) and clean after each trip to the range. This is not a must, it’s just something I do and I’ve never had a malfunction in any of my pistols. I purchased two extra mag, but they are also almost impossible to find. Good luck and good shooting. Sabre29.

    • Cary Kieffer says:

      Curtis, Good advice on the cleaning kit. I admit though I do not clean this thing much anymore. It see’s the backyard range 3 times a week anyway. So I quit bothering. Glad to say it runs even as crusty and filthy as it gets. Only issues I had were with Dyna-Points and they were a tad too long for the magazine and kept stoping up the follower. That’s not the guns fault. I can say aside from that there have been no failures here either. GREAT gun and going strong still. I know 2 ladies who carry them in their purses and used them for their CC class. Just an all around good value and useful pistol. Thanks for stopping by TGR.

  4. Cary Kieffer says:

    Well I’ve had a chance to spend alot more time with this pistol. After quite a bit of shooting now I am happy to report it has still run flawlessy with normal use and cleaning. No reason to suspect any reliability issues in my particular gun anyway. I did decide to toss her into a mud puddle and then shake it off and see what happened…well the mud did not agree with the little rimfire. She didnt like that at all. I cant hold those failures to function against the gun…thats not what its for and that was some nasty mud. Once rinsed off it went right back to running perfectly. The only thing I can say I dont like is sometimes the mag release button will stick…mine has a plastic button and once I get a minute I’m going to pull it out and see if there is a burr or whatever on it. It’s not the end of the world just a tad annoying to have it stick here and there. (That was happening before the mud bath incidently)…Anyway after quite a few rounds now I am still as thrilled as the day I bought it and it seems to run just fine with whatever ammo I feed her. Good pistol.

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