Ruger 22/45 Review

Personal evaluation of Ruger’s new 22/45 Mark III.  Last fall I purchased a Ruger 22/45 “Target” model from Academy in San Marcos, Texas for $295.   Nice blue job, felt good, I was unable to dry fire in the store. Ok, I got home and tried to dry fire, had to remove the magazine, and bloodied the fingers. Noticed you had to pull the magazine out (wouldn’t drop out like older guns). Trigger was hard and rough.  Called Ruger in Prescott AZ and they instructed me to return gun.

Shipped via UPS at a cost of approx. $65.00!  When it was returned in about 6 weeks the trigger pull was a little better, but not for a Target gun!!  As I was going to the SHOT show in Vegas in January I decided to take it back to the factory in Prescott, AZ and talk to the service tech. He was extremely nice and rushed it through so I could pick it up on return trip To New Braunfels. Texas.  However upon checking the trigger pull it was not much improved and had a 3 ½ # pull. I informed him I had a single six with a lot better pull as well as a 10/22 which is also better.  He allowed his personal 10/22 also had a better trigger pull. He commented that Ruger will not allow any honing of triggers, parts, etc, just replacement of parts.  I was NOT a HAPPY CAMPER!

Spoke with a Ruger rep at SHOT who promised to fix the gun.  No luck.

Upon getting home I took it to a local, well respected gunsmith. He commented he would not even try to smooth and lighten the trigger pull because of the tinny parts and cute little springs… From a sandbagged bench rest the gun was accurate since you could negate the crappy trigger pull.  Ruger should not stamp “TARGET” model on a gun like this, a plinker.   I finally sold it for $250. I hope other buyers have better experience….

Compared the Ruger to a Browning Buck Mark – not a fair comparison as the Browning is far superior.

To show I am trying to be fair these are a few of guns I have.

Purchased a CZ 75 sa in 9mm with a 22 caliber upper and it works like a dream. Light smooth trigger pull.

Also shoot a Ruger SS 10/22 with laser and Leopold 2X7 scope, nice combo.

Shoot a Ruger  22/22 mag Single Six which has a great trigger pull.

Favorite Rifle is Sako action Stainless barrel, custom stocked 22-250 topped with Nikon scope, it has a 2# pull and will shoot less than ¾” groups at 200 yards. Built in 1966. I had a  2X7 Leopold on it for about 30 years. People say it is too small a caliber for deer – no one told the deer – light and fast is deadly!


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  1. mark seaquist says:

    I also, found that the magazines did not release very well. If someone has a solution to this, I would like to know.

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