What is your preferred AR15 caliber other than 5.56

Let’s see what you guys like to run!
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12 Responses to What is your preferred AR15 caliber other than 5.56

  1. GlenNelson says:

    I have to go with the 6.5 Grendel for all around performance

  2. evi1joe says:

    300blk offers great suppression and sub-200Y range with the whisper rounds AND great long range performance with the blackout rounds. Much more versatile and a higher mag capacity than the 6.8, which I also find too snappy (like a .40 versus a .45).

  3. Joseph B Campbell says:


  4. Craig Black says:

    Silly boys Grendel has a higher velocity from 80 yards out and does better with higher grain hunting bullets.

  5. Mike Coker says:

    I think the 6.8 in an MSR is ideal for hog hunting – quick action in the 50 – 100 yard range. It would also make a very good home defense weapon and ammo is becoming almost mainstream.

  6. Charles Coker says:

    OK kids, let’s get this party started.
    My take: I like the 6.8 because I think it is an ideal round for hunting with an AR15 platform.
    I doubt it it will ever see widespread military or LE adoption and you can’t find ammo everywhere for it. I reload and don’t see an issue with that and have a ton of great SSA brass which holds up to many reloads. It is a highly effective round on game out to 300 yards (can be used further of course but that is where I think it is ideal running a 200 yard zero)

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