• reddotsights

    Nice breakdown, I’ve done similar over on my own blog about the Accupoint. It really is a great all around hunting scope – and the different versions span any shooters need.

  • reddotsights

    Nice write up here. The Accupoint series has a handful of different spec models that are each optimized for different applications. The magnification you chose for here for hunting is a good one. I’ve written about how the Accupoint continues Trijicon’s tradition of putting out quality optics that deliver in the field.

  • Ron Phillips

    Good review. Your summary is yet another confirmation of what I had gleaned from pieceing together information from a number of posts on the Optics Talk Forum, all leading me to conclude that the Meopta Meostar 3-12-56 with illuminated #4 reticle is a really good choice for low light hunting. The big Meo working in tandem with an 8X56 Meopta Meostar B1 binocular has proven a deadly combination the last two years. The big boys that tend to come out only when the light is all but gone are now at greater risk. I too had previously considered the Trijicon. Thanks for the comparison.

    • ccoker

      I am personally a bit torn one which one I would want to run long term.

      The Meopta is a bit better glass but is also heavier and lacks any sort of holdover points. Really depends on what is more important to you.

      I like being able to confidently shoot out to 500 yards as I know my rifle is very capable of it. I like the ability to dial in my corrections for real long range but for hunting when I need to be able to quickly take a shot even a standard mil dot reticle is extremely beneficial. In fact, I prefer one to some of the ones being put out that have too much going on. The US Marines knew what they were doing.

      In the end, it’s really a matter of priorities.

  • ccoker

    yep.. seen that a lot..
    The Bushnell and Weaver Tacticals and hell, even my USO is too bright for actual hunting use.

  • Matt

    Good stuff Charles. I have always been impressed with accupoint at dusk/ dawn. I did pick up an illuminated Bushnell tactical for my bolt gun, but forget using that at dusk. So much light bleed it would be useless.

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