Hi-Point C9 review

I have owned a Hi-Point C9 for just over a year.  I have over 1000 rounds through it and the gun is fun to shoot.  The gun does occasionally fail to feed, but I attribute this to the magazines, probably need some fine tuning.  The gun is pretty accuarate for what I use it for plinking and carry.  This gun got me into reloading because I can’t afford to buy as much ammo as I want to shoot through it.  The adjustable sites took me a little while to get dialed in but now they hit where I aim even if it is small targets like clay pigeon chips or cans from 25 yards.  I payed $150 including a uncle mikes holster and extra magazine.  The pistol was hard to field strip since the takdown pid did not really line up with the notch in the slide.  It took a screwdriver to hold it back as the pin was pushed out.  Polishing the feed ramp also improved function of the pistol.  The magazines do take some breaking in.  I think it was a good value for the money, but I wish I had saved the money spent on the pistol and put it towards a more high quality firearm.

By: Steven Carlino

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  1. C Alexander says:

    A C9 was the first handgun that I ever purchased. I was 21, broke, and lived in a bad area. I have since owned and sold many other handguns but still own the C9. I have only ever had the original magazine and it has stayed loaded (with 6) continuously for 12 years. It goes bang every time that I pull the trigger. Accuracy is ok. It does have feed issues if I try to put more than six rounds in the magazine. It makes a great, reliable gun to carry in a boat or tool box or anywhere that you wouldn’t want to put a more expensive gun.

  2. Cary Kieffer says:

    Hey Steve, thanks for posting…I couldnt agree with you more…get a higher quality gun ASAP…I’ve never owned a hipoint but know they leave something to be desired. I sure do love to torment my buddy Stanton with his :) Do what you wish you had….read my Ruger P95 Best budget pistol ever review here on TGR…for less than double the $$ you can get 100 times the gun…if you need any help looking for a Ruger just go to and start bidding all the used ones…search and find yourself a cheap FFL to do your transfer…after a internet search I found a guy that does all mine for 10$…you wont regret it.

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