Consumer scope review: Bushnell TRS-25 red dot reflex sight

busnell trs-25 sand

I had no expectations, when I purchased the Bushnell TRS, that it would be anything other than what it is; a budget red dot sight.  I bought it because it was cheap, but was pleasantly surprised with the quality of this sight.  I have used it mostly on my AR, once on my shotgun (probably wouldn’t run it there full time), and ultimately plan to use it primarily for plinking with the 10/22.

The TRS is very light (3.7oz) and mounts very low if used on its own, which is nice for everything but the AR.  I purchased a UTG double railed angle mount mostly to get quick release functionality, but also so that the TRS would co-witness with my iron sights on the AR.

Bushnell’s marketing states that it is “100% waterproof/fogproof/shockproof” but does not state to what depth it is waterproof.  I would bet it is not much.  I ran it on my shotgun for a day at the range and I’m honestly not sure if I would trust it 100% with that much recoil long-term.  I have no worries on the AR or the 10/22.  It has held zero well.

The TRS boasts a 3000 hour battery life using a commonly available CR2032 battery which is nice.  That’s like 4 months if I forget to turn it off.  11 brightness levels produce a nice, sharp, bright dot that’s good in both low light and bright sunlight.  One of the features I really like is that it has a very heavy positive click between settings.  This sight is not going to accidentally turn on by itself in your bag.

To be honest, the reticle is a bit small at 25mm, and has a slight green tint to it, but now I’m just nit-picking.  It easily holds its own with other red dots I have seen in the same price range.  For what I paid for it, it’s a steal.


  • 3 MOA
  • Multi-coated optics
  • Amber-Bright high contrast lens coating
  • 100% waterproof/fogproof/shockproof construction
  • CR2032 battery
  • 3000 hour battery life
  • 3.7oz
  • 11 brightness levels
  • picatinny/weaver
  • 2 year warranty
  • .5″/click @100m
  • models – 731304(sand),731303(black)

By: Ryan Horikoshi

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