Consumer Gun Review: Rguns AR complete uppers!


I just ordered 2 complete uppers for my AR lower. One a CQB type (red dot/open sight) and one a long range type (scope). The first impression was awesome, color and style were great, parts quality, great.

After lubrication and initial inspection of the CQB type all was good until the first shot. After a failure to eject situation I then loaded a second round and no ejection. I completely disassembled the upper and found that it was a gas issue due to a improperly drilled gas block. I phoned Rguns and they are promptly sending me a replacement gas block to correct my ejection issue. The second upper I test fired functioned flawlessly!! Couldn’t be happier and after a barrel break in was shooting impressive .5 inch groups at 100 yards! Great uppers and barrels for the price, I would order more if I needed them!

By: Casey Baggett

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  1. josh says:

    I ordered a nickel boron lpk from them. Safety selector wasnt coated. Emailed them and i recievwd a nickel boron one 3 days later, without sending back the part. I think their customer service is a lot dif now

  2. Dave says:


    First off, I ordered a complete upper 4 months ago, and it stated in stock. After emailing them numerous times, I got a reply back 5 weeks ago saying it would be shipped in 1-2weeks. Well 5 weeks later no upper, and no replay to again numerous emails.

    So I emailed them basically telling them to stick the upper where the sun doesn’t shine.
    I also took precaution and canceled the debit card I ordered it under and reissued a new one.

    This will keep them from trying to charge me the $100 cancel fee.
    Which I think is bull, because I have waited over 4 months and get no replies from them.

    Oh and don’t try and call them, they won’t answer and it will say their box is full.

    Trust your gut, and read all the complaints on them…….even if you wait 6 months and finally get it eventually, what happens when it doesn’t work and you need service?

    Yeah, that’s right…… will be stuck with a paper weight!

  3. mark janusz says:

    Im having a bulider put one togethere he gets everthing from rguns still waitting on a 20″ bull barrel. Ive been told by the bulider its a different company that makes the barrels? ITS been over two months! when i call the bulider he tells me they tell him two weeks and that haS TURNED TO 5 WEEKS! i DONT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT RGUNS! THE BULIDER HES A GOOD GUY, WHATS THE NORMAL PRICE ON A AR? DOES RGUNS HAVE DOD CONTRACTS?ALL i KNOW IS THAT RGUNS HAS A BAD REVIEW!! OVER 25 COPLAINTS WITH bbb! IN GENERAL JUST A LOT OF PISSED OFF PEOPLE! SO CAN ANYONE GIVE ME INFO?

  4. hattles says:

    I placed an order on 2/14/13 for a stripped lower and a 20″ fluted bull barrel qusd block upper and an adjustable stock. Got my order confirmation almost instantly. I changed my mind on the stock and sent an email asking if I could change my order to include an A2 fixed stock. Within 3 hours I recieved a response that said they will cancel my upper & parts order and that I should re-order the upper with the A2 stock. They also indicated that I would not lose my “place in line” with my re-order.

    I have no problem with the way they communicated and will wait and see how the whole transaction ends before I make a final assessment. I’ve read all of the negative comments and reviews as well as the positive ones and it seems that the bulk of the reviews were dated between 2009-10. I also understand human nature…everyone reacts differently and I realize that one negative review can solicit a whole gaggle of haters..whether they have really had any dealings with RGUNS or not.

    Seems their customer service rep could use some serious polishing…but even then…customers can mis-communicate and be just as rude with unreasonable demands and ultimatums. Bottom line is that a good CS representative should be able to handle unreasonable customersand not vice-versa.

    I shoot Benelli shotguns and love them to death but I can’t tell you how many people that have never owned or shot one openly hate them.

    I’m pretty sure that RGUNS products are no different…they’re not Stag Arms, Rock River or Daniel Defense…so they must be bad.

  5. Brian R says:

    R Guns BAD! – Placed order for a gun part (AR-15 lower). Received confirmation and a request for FFL information. Dealer forwarded info and did not receive acknowledgement. Several days later I sent email to R Guns requesting confirmation and asked if I could “upgrade” (add a stock). “Sorry no” was the answer. I followed up with no to what? Subsequently my order was cancelled – not my desire or request. Merchant indicated on website don’t call, don’t email, that a $100 fine would be imposed against any customer cancelling an order. I responded to Merchants cancellation email that I didn’t want the order cancelled, they could fill it as initially placed, if they wanted to cancel than I expected them to pay me the $100, as I made other purchases contingent on them fulfilling the contract they had with me. Please fill my order and confirm receipt of the FFL.
    They replied that my order was cancelled because: : “YOU ARE A WACK JOB THAT WHY IT WAS TERMINATED. DUE NOT CALL E MAIL US AGAIN.” Without commenting on the literacy of the management …….. these appear to be low-life people with “0” business ethic, or etiquette. BE WARNED! I do not have any experience with their product but, it can’t justify their behavior.

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