Consumer Gun Review: Glock 27 Gen4

So when the Gen4 Glocks hit the market I was skeptical to say the least.  I had been shooting Gen 3s for a few years and didnt really see a reason to try and improve upon the design. That all changed when I held my first Gen4 G19 and felt the mag release. That one improvement sold me and I bought it on the spot. Since then I have also aquired a G35, G17, G22, and another G19 – all Gen 4s. 

Well in all my days of Glocking I have loved and hated the baby Glocks – they serve their purpose but they never fit my hand right. Once again the Gen4 came to the rescue. I had a chance to trade out one of my 19s for a new in box 27 and took the offer. The first time I picked it up ( with no backstrap) it melded perfectly with my hand. The large hump that threw me off with the previous baby Glocks I had tried was reduced just enough to really get a good grip on it. The Gen 4 texture also greatly helped on the smaller gun, I had noticed it before but on the 19 and 17 size guns texture isn’t as important to me as you get more conatct area, this 27 stuck to my hand like glue.

So after dry firing a few times and a complete tear down to ensure everything was there (and to check for a dot connector which I find to be a great improvement on all Gen 4 Glocks) I grabbed my range bag and headed to my buddy’s property to test it out.

It was hot 102 degrees middle of the day central Texas summer hot, but I wanted to shoot! So I loaded up my 3 mags and head to our berm, placed a Birchwoodcasey 5 in shoot and see target and stepped back to the 7 yard line. Out of the first 9 shots 6 were in the center, 3 were about 2 inches left ( that’s my weakness with Glock I tend to pull left) after 2 more mags I had them all landing center of target and point of aim with a 6 o clock hold. The gun shot flawlessly the Remington 180 gr fFMJ white eand green box 100 round pack. I will say that the recoil actually seemed a bit harsher than the Gen 3 27s I have shot but that may have been due to the pistol grip shotgun shooting I had done 2 days before. Either way this gun was accurate. I shot a powerful defensive round stuck to the sweaty Texas summer hands I had at the time and didn’t miss a beat. All in all I fired 250 flawless rounds on my range trip and maintained 3-5in groups at 20 yards. Not bad with the less than awesome factory sights.

Since that day I have acquired a Galco iwb holster and have carried the G27 (over my 19) every day. I really love that I found a gun this size that I can shoot so well and carry so easily that I literally forget its there. If you are on the fence about Gen 3 vs Gen 4 I definitely recommend a Gen 4. If you don’t like it someone will trade you a Gen 3 for it, lol.

By: Robert Delephimne

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  1. Great post. For an IWB Holster, what kind of material is best and lasts the longest?

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