Cedar Parks Gunworks Gatlin gun double AR15!!!

Dropped off a barreled action tonight to get it cerakoted over at my friend Chris’s place..
They do damned good work!

He showed me this.


AT-15 Conversion Kit

SKU: 0001

The GAT-15 mounting system for AR-15 platform rifles. Hand crank driven Gatling style system.


    The GAT-15 Conversion Kit adapt up to your mil-spec flat top AR-15 rifles with a low profile gas block system only and a 1919 Browning Tripod (Firearms and Tripod not included)


    The kit is made from precision CNC machined 6061 T6 aluminum. It fires four rounds per crank revolution and is only limited by your ability to turn the crank. The GAT-15 requires no special permits or licenses since you supply the two required registered AR-15 rifles. The only limitation is that BATF prohibits anyone from installing any kind of an electric motor, drill etc. on the kit in place of the hand crank.


    The GAT-15 Conversion Kit comes complete with all the parts required to assemble using your two flat top/mil-spec AR-15 rifles with a low profile gas block system only and not the mil-spec front sight post (not included). The end user can use any AR-15 magazine that functions properly in the firearm. (Magazines are not included in the kit)

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    Get your order in now for the initial shipments of the GAT-15 kit.





4 Responses to Cedar Parks Gunworks Gatlin gun double AR15!!!

  1. David Pinkley says:

    I need information on the GAT-15 conversion kit along with the purchase price. Thank you.

  2. Lance says:

    I’m interested in your GAT 15 conversion kit Wouod you be able to send me a price and how to purchase? Thank you.


  3. Sorry, what “registered AR15 rifles”? There’s no federal provision to register a rifle, nor is there in most states.

    • DirtyDave says:

      You have to fill out atf form 4473 for ANY purchase of a long rifle, pistol, and shotgun from a ffl dealer…

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