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Fenix LD20 Light

Let’s talk about the Fenix LD20 light. I’m a huge fan of equipment that runs on AA batteries. Yes, CR123s are smaller and more powerful, but I can’t get them at my local gas station, can you? While I stock batteries, In the event that there’s a major disaster, I want to be able to replenish my supplies at virtually any convenience store.

Camouflage: Fashion or Function?

I’ve seen a fair number of camouflage patterns in my travels. Of course, most were in Iraq. In late 2007, I got to see the Air Force unit I worked with transition to a ridiculous digital tiger-stripe affair called the Airman Battle Uniform. This abomination looked even worse than the US Army’s ACU, which is saying something.

In contrast, the Romanian Army’s camo (which was in fact a copy of the British pattern) seemed effective in a brown environment. The same could be said of the DCUs worn by the Georgian contingent in FOB Delta. The Kazakhstani troops there wore an interesting pseudo-desert pattern based on our 80s six-color pattern. Of course, they wore the traditional white-and-blue horizontal undershirt of the VDV.

Triple Aught Design – Ranger Jacket LT

Twelve years ago, I bought a Croft and Barrow suede leather jacket.  I’ve worn it in several different countries, including Iraq and Nepal. In southern Iraq, it served as a blanket when I had to shiver to sleep on an army cot in an unheated metal box during the winter. I’ll never throw this thing away, because it has extreme sentimental value for me. However, it’s no longer my favorite jacket. That falls to the Ranger Jacket LT by Triple Aught Design.

Russian Flora Uniform and Vest

I’ve had a certain fascination with Russian culture and products ever since a Slavic buddy taught me to drink during my freshman year. This continued through my time in Israel (which is why I still speak Hebrew with a Russian accent) and to the present day.

I was an AK man long before I had an AR-15 and I’ve always been interested in the rather austere, functional equipment that the Motherland makes. So of course, I had to acquire a Russian uniform and LBV. Vladamir, the man behind Soviet Army Stuff, was kind enough to send me a Flora pattern suit, vest and cap.

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