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NeoMag, the best option concealed mag carry

As a Police Officer, I’ve been carrying a gun on and off duty for the last 7+ years.  I carried with my CHL prior to my career in Law Enforcement for several years.  A universal issue I’ve had is, where do I carry my spare magazine when I carry in plain cloths or off duty? A new product called NeoMag is just the solution I’ve been looking for. It is so simple, I can’t believe it took this long to make. 

South Texas Arms STA-LR in .243 Win

Some time back I had a conversation with Brandon Sneed, owner of South Texas Arms, about a lightweight full frame AR purpose built for hunting. We both understand that there is only so light you can go, and we want premium components which sometimes bring some heft with them. In addition, we considered what calibers are available and decided against the standard .308 that is found in most full frame AR rifles. We both agree that .308 is great on medium game like deer and pigs but a bit much for a coyote gun.  We considered 6.5 Creedmoor, but a lack of variety and overall availability of factory ammunition had me looking for a new option.  I can’t remember who suggested .243 Winchester, but it was a clear choice with its huge popularity and variety of available factory ammunition.  .243 Winchester has been around since 1955 according to Wikipedia and was even designed around the idea of a dual purpose varmint and medium game cartridge.

Precision Rifle Series – RO perspective

I recently was invited to work as an RO at the Shoot for the Green match hosted by Oklahoma Practical Precision Shooters (OPPS) that took place in Vici, Oklahoma.

Graphic Results from live-fire 7N6 Surplus 5.45x39mm rounds – video included

SPR in 5.45x39mm

In previous articles, I’ve examined the cost benefit of shooting 7n6 surplus instead of commercial M855 5.56x45mm. In this follow-up article, we will examine the various characteristics of the 7N6 surplus round that lend themselves to Serious Social Purposes.

Both rounds were evaluated out of 16 inch barrels, as that is the most common option to the civilian rifleman. Both the AR-15 carbine in 5.45 and commercial AK-74 variants use this lengh barrel. There are exceptions, such as civilian versions of the RPK-74 (23.2 inch barrel), 20-inch 5.45 barrels and even some 14.5 inch barrels. However, the vast majority are 16-inch, which is the length we will focus on.

What Happened to Colorado and Why

by Jim Shults

Folks across the Nation have been asking us what happened to Colorado regarding a rash of new highly- restrictive firearm laws and with the promise of legislators of more to come in 2014. Here is how it really happened.

Young guns

Is there anything more American than teaching our children how to use a firearm?  I hear people that are anti gun talking about how they would never want a gun in their home or to let their children near guns.  I couldn;t disagree more..  you teach your kids to swim so they won’t drown.  You teach them to look both ways before crossing the street.  You teach them about the dangers of fire.  Shouldn’t they also be educated about firearms?  What happens if your kid that has never been taught the right way to handle a gun should come across one?  They are out there..  Yes, it is the parent’s responsibility to make sure guns are secure but the simple fact is guns are out there.  Wouldn’t it be smarter to make sure they understood what a gun does and to respect it?

TGR hired for firearms advisor for video

Check this cool high def slow motion video of a 308 blowing up watermelons caught ultra high speed cameras with the Slow Mo Guys

Southwest Ammunition Heavy AR comparison and Tac Pro Precision Rifle Course

The key component in any shooting sport or engagement is not the weapon but the ammunition.  When selecting ammunition it is always dependant on what you intend to shoot and at what distance.  There are some major ammunition makers who produce some fantastic factory loaded ammunition but when selecting a company that can really do it all, you should look to Southwest Ammunition in Mesa AZ.  The small veteran owned business was founded in 2010 by 2 prior US Marines who specialize in making rifle ammunition.  Southwest ammunition has offerings in 5.56, .308Win, .300BLK, .300WSM, .300Win, .260Rem, .338Lapua, .45ACP, and 9mm Parabellum.  Southwest ammunition also offers reloading services for several calibers on top of their loaded ammunition.

TGR to review US Nightvision IR Hunter thermal weapon sight.

Tactical Gun Review will be one of the first companies to review the new IR Hunter from US Nightvision Corp.  Stand by till it’s official release at SHOT show to learn more.  Expect plenty of pictures and video including actual footage of a few pigs meeting their end with the Mega Arms MKM Maten.

Springfield XD 45 Extraction / Ejection Problems

I just had a problem with an XD 45acp 4 inch pistol. The pistol was having to extraction and ejection problems and the empty was staying in the chamber. I searched high and low online for a reason and found nothing. So this post may be the answer if your XD has the same troubles. I’m going to have to eat some crow on this one as it was my fault, not the gun’s.

Cheap 308 / 7.62 Brown Bear and Portugese Surplus Ammo

Today I want to be quick, just a rundown on some “cheap” 7.62/308 ammo I bought to try. I mean cheap by todays standards not by what we remember not all that long ago. For 10 bucks a box out the door though I was quite pleased. I just wanted to pass on results to guys and gals who may be either not shooting due to cost or can’t find anything they are used to shooting. These were both new brands to me and I am happy with them.

Guns and Rotors


Watch for Wild Hogs

Wild hog hunting is all the rage.

Outfitters are specializing in taking clients on hunts with night vision equipped rifles. There are hog eradication businesses with horses and packs of dogs. Heck, there are even reality television shows about hunting hogs.

For quantity of hogs taken, the pinnacle is aerial shooting.

Kyle Lange, of Lange Helicopters, has been shooting out of a helicopter since 1984. He started as a child helping with the family business.