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Ruger American 300 Blackout

TGR junior staff member “Super Dave” out doing some field testing.

Ruger American ranch youth rifle in 300 Blackout

Leupold VXR 2-7

Templar Tactical Nemesis30

Barnes Vortex 110g Blacktip


Wilson Combat 308

Wilson Combat AR10 308 18" Recon in Federal Brown

I have been wanting an AR10 for sometime but nothing really grabbed me until I saw the Wilson Combat 308 announcement.  Having 2 of their rifles and a pistol I knew the quality and customer service were first class.

Ironically, I got into the 6.8 because the AR10s were all boat anchors.   When I picked this up at the Silencer Shop several guys were checking it out and all commented on how light it was.

Going to hit the range today and stretch it’s  legs!

CZ guns are in!

Just got back from the Silencer Shop where I picked up two new CZ guns..

The 455 suppressor ready and Practical shotgun.

I quickly put them together and put my Spectre II on the 22.

How to start shooting Precision Rifle Matches

As a part time competitive shooter, I have shot a variety of matches including 3-Gun, USPSA, IDPA and more.  Shooting major matches is an expensive hobby, and I spent a few years as an RO for a number of major 3-gun matches.   A few years ago I attended a small benefit match in Frost Texas called the “Let Texas Shoot” multigun.  It was a 3-gun match but instead of a shotgun it incorporated a precision rifle.  This was a new concept to me, and it has since been my favorite all time match.  It taught me that shooting super fast carbine stages are not as satisfying as ringing steel at well over 500 yards on the clock.  There have been other similar matches since then, but what has my interest now is the Precision Rifle Series.  Looking into this genre of competition,I realized that I was not equipped to shoot the Precision Rifle Series matches due to only owning short .308 Gas Guns.  This leads me here, this is the beginning of a series of articles covering my introduction into shooting precision rifles and how to start shooting the PRS.

Savage Precision Carbine .308

Savage Precision Carbine

This article is part one of a long-term field test of the Savage Precision Carbine.  Now that it is legal to hunt whitetail deer in Texas with a suppressor, I was searching for a suitable host platform.  I quickly settled on the .308 cartridge because of the availability of factory threaded barrels in that caliber – usually offered as a “tactical” or “law enforcement” model – and the adaptability of that cartridge.  My criteria:  A short 18″ – 20″ barrel, detachable box magazine, decent factory stock out of the box, and a reputation for accuracy.  A great trigger is a must but I was willing to drop in a Timney or Jewell if needed.  The Savage Precision Carbine quickly became the obvious choice.

AAC Model 7 300 Blackout

The AAC Model 7 300 Blackout rifle is breaking my heart.  It reminds me of the hot new girl in town that everyone is after who turned out to be hard to live with.

The AAC Model is essentially a Remington Model 7 fitted with the AAC .30 caliber barrel.  It is a short, lightweight, cool little gun that I really want to like (a lot).  Specifications:

SLR Rifleworks 13″ Solo rail and adjustable gas block

SLR Rifleworks SOLO 13" handguard

If you have a rifle with a fixed front sight, and standard drop in style hand guards there is a simple way to get a lighter weight rifle that also functions better and looks awesome.  That is to install a free floating rail onto the gun with a low profile gas block.  The standard front sight has a lot of heft to it and brings the weight closer to the center of the rifle.  By putting a longer free floating rail on, you spread the weight out, and give the rifle more potential for accuracy by free floating the barrel.  Another thing that helps is an adjustable gas block, this will allow you to tune the rifle and make it recoil as little as possible allowing for faster followups.  One of the companies making both is SLR Rifleworks.

3Gun Custom Rifle Build

I decided to build up a new rifle dedicated for 3 gun.  While I am certainly no super 3gunner I am a decent shooter and know what makes a good gun.. I knew I wanted an 18″ rifle length gas system gun and set out to build the best one I could.. With parts from JP Rifles, Wilson Combat, HyperFire, Carbon Arms, Steiner Optics, AADMounts, EFX stocks and Seekins Precision this gun is built to run. Check out the detailed breakdown of the parts in this video..

Bean Firearms AR-15

Bean Firearms AR-15

Bean Firearms – new AR-15 on the market.

Bean Firearms Company was formed in Utah in 2009 and set about designing a new AR-15.  Pulling from their experience in the aerospace and defense industries, their goal was to produce one of the best performing rifles in the world.  Did they succeed?  Stay tuned for the Tactical Gun Review range test to find out!  In the meantime, here are the specs and photos.

Southwest Ammunition Heavy AR comparison and Tac Pro Precision Rifle Course

The key component in any shooting sport or engagement is not the weapon but the ammunition.  When selecting ammunition it is always dependant on what you intend to shoot and at what distance.  There are some major ammunition makers who produce some fantastic factory loaded ammunition but when selecting a company that can really do it all, you should look to Southwest Ammunition in Mesa AZ.  The small veteran owned business was founded in 2010 by 2 prior US Marines who specialize in making rifle ammunition.  Southwest ammunition has offerings in 5.56, .308Win, .300BLK, .300WSM, .300Win, .260Rem, .338Lapua, .45ACP, and 9mm Parabellum.  Southwest ammunition also offers reloading services for several calibers on top of their loaded ammunition.

Wilson Combat custom AR15 project build

Wilson Combat ar15

Latest custom build from TGR staffer
Purpose built perfection

Custom 5.56 AR15 build

Timney AR15 trigger review

I built a nice lightweight general purpose AR15 recently, came out very nice.
Check out  the details below: