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Trijicon REAP-IR Thermal Scope Review

Is there anything more fun than hunting hogs at night with suppressed ARs and Thermal imaging scopes? If there is, I haven’t found it yet.

We spent an evening out with the new Trijicon REAP-IR thermal scope on my Wilson Combat 5.56 AR putting the hurt on some pigs..

Trijicon IR-HUNTER Thermal Scope Review

Trijicon IR-HUNTER

The Trijicon IR-Hunter is one of four products released by the new Trijicon Electro Optics Division formed after their acquisition of IR Defense Corporation.  These include the IR-Hunter and REAP-IR thermal riflescopes, the IR-Patrol thermal monocular, and the SNIPE-IR thermal clip-on.  Tactical Gun Review was fortunate enough to receive the first IR-Hunter to hit the field.  The specific model reviewed is the IR-Hunter MK3 60MM.

The MK3 60MM is Trijicon’s most advanced thermal riflescope.  Featuring a 60MM lens, 4.5X optical zoom, 12 Micron sensor pitch, and 640 X 480 digital OLED display the IR-Hunter MK3 delivers an incredible experience.  On a pitch-black night we easily spotted and identified a boar hog at over 400 yards (more on that hunt later).  Full specifications here.  

Trijicon IR-HUNTER

Hog on black hot

SightMark Ghost Hunter 1×24 Night Vision Review

By: Cary Kieffer

I bought a set of SightMark Ghost Hunter 1×24 Gen 1 Night vision goggles on Ebay for $350 to my door. They were used once by the guy and like new in every way. I used Gen 3 in combat in Iraq and own 2 sets now of Gen 3. Never having used Gen 1’s I only thought I knew what to expect, let’s take a look at them.

Carson Digital Night Vision Mini Aura NV-200 Review

By: Cary Kieffer

I picked up a Carson Digital Night Vision Mini Aura NV-200 Monocular NIB from Ebay for $80. What do you get for $80? Well, I got my $80 bucks worth and on the flip side I got $80 bucks worth if you know what I mean. Let’s take a look at it.

Adams Industries Legionnaire – long term follow up

For just over a year, I’ve used the Adams Industries Legionnaire Gen 3 Clip On.  What I have learned is that it’s not always easy to use Night Vision.  The Legionnaire is quite the impressive value with a retail price around $3995 for a Gen 3 autogated clip on, it’s hard to go wrong.  Simply attach the unit in front of your day scope with the provided hood to help block out the light, and then turn it on and use your day scope in its original configuration.  I found it easy to use, here’s my year long after thought on the unit.

Thermal hog hunt on video with the Silencer Shop and Lonestar boars

I recently met Todd Huey from due to our mutual love of hog hunting.  He has been making some awesome thermal hunt videos.   I hooked up with him and Dave from the SilencerShop for a hunt in central Texas.  We had a great time driving around at night with night vision and looking for pigs with thermal spotters.  Once we found a group we would sneak in with the wind in our face and get within 50 yards of them.  We would line up and do a countdown, 3, 2, 1 pew!

Adams Industries Legionnaire clip on Gen III night vision

Making precision shots with a magnified optic has its limitations as the light fades.  When it comes to shooting and hunting, there comes a time when the night simply gets in the way.  Whether you are unable to see the target due to darkness or your prey only comes out at night, target identification is critical.  Owning the night has historically been an expensive endeavor and we would all love to have tens of thousands of dollars wrapped up in Night Vision. Clip on weapon sights are complex optics often well out of the reach of most civilian shooters in terms of price and availability. There is now a high quality alternative from Adams Industries called the Legionnaire.