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Silencer Shop Authority: Thunderbeast Takedown 22 rimfire review

Thunderbeast Takedown 22 Rimfire silencer

Thunderbeast is well established for making outstanding silencers for the precision shooter community.  They are known for their outstanding accuracy consistency and lack of point of impact shift.  Today we take a look at their rimfire silencer, the Takedown 22

Silencer Shop Authority: AAC Halcyon part 2

In our previous installment we covered the details of the new AAC Halcyon Rimfire Silencer.  We will now be featuring this cool can at the range and testing it on several different host platforms including a 22LR pistol, 22LR rifle and 22 mag rifle.  We will be using both standard velocity bulk ammo as well as the Gemtech subsonic ammo in 22LR.  Additionally, we will compare it against the very common SWR Spectre II as well as a Gemtech Mist Integrally suppressed Ruger 10/22.

Silencer Shop Authority: AAC Halcyon part 1

AAC Halcyon

What a cool new rimfire silencer from AAC! In this part 1 of 2 series, we take a look at what makes this new silencer so cool.

Silencer Shop Authority: Dead Air Sandman S Review POI Shift and repeat-ability test

We spend some more time with the awesome Dead Air Sandman- S.  In this review I will be testing for point of impact shift and repeat-ability on a precision bolt action.

Silencer Shop Authority Dead Air Sandman -S

Today we take a look at the Dead Air Sandman -S.  The Sandman-S is their 30 caliber, midsize can.  We ran it on an 11.3″ 6.8 SPC and were very impressed with it.

Q Half Nelson & Q Full Nelson Video Review

Q Full Nelson

Silencer Shop  sent us the new Q Full Nelson and Q Half Nelson suppressors for testing.  They are very impressive at a great price point.  All titanium construction, lightweight, and excellent sound reduction. Q silencers come from the shop of Kevin Brittingham – the founder of AAC and designer of the Sig cans.

Q Suppressors 

Silencer Shop pricing

Silencer Shop Authority: Long term review – SWR Spectre II rimfire silencer

SWR Spectre II CZ 455 with pig

This review is a long term follow up to my initial review on the SWR Spectre II.

I have had this can for 3 years now and have had the opportunity to test a lot of other 22 silencers.  So, how does it stack up?


Q Half Nelson and Full Nelson

Q Full Nelson

The Q Half Nelson and Full Nelson suppressors are everything you want and nothing you don’t need – titanium, direct thread, and a great price point.  Evidently Kevin Brittingham must be a big wrestling fan.  Considering the track record of Mr. Brittingham – founder of AAC and developer of the Sig Sauer suppressors – the new Q silencers created quite a buzz and they don’t disappoint.

The Half Nelson is basically a shorter version of the Full Nelson.  Both feature a fatter-than-typical 1.75″ diameter.  Both silencers are manufactured from titanium and are therefore quite light.  I am personally not a huge fan of Quick Attach systems so the direct thread appeals to me – for others it is a deal breaker (in which case Q does offer two Quickie Fast-Attach cans).

The Q Full Nelson and Q Half Nelson certainly have the coolest packaging.

Q Half Nelson Blackout

Q Half Nelson Blackout

Gemtech GMT-HALO 5.56 Suppressor


Gemini Technologies, better known as Gemtech, produces some of the most well known and innovative suppressors in the market today.  The GMT-HALO features a unique mounting system utilizing a collar that fits over a standard A2 flash hider.

The GMT-HALO specifications are impressive.  This titanium suppressor weighs in at a skinny 12.2 ounces.  At 7.2 inches it is the shortest HALO yet.  Diameter is the same 1.5 inches found on most centerfire silencers.  The can is rated for Full Auto 5.56 with a minimum barrel length of 10.3 inches.

Life expectancy exceeds 25,000 rounds.



Silencer Shop Form 1 service

The boys at the Silencer Shop just keep doing good work..  truly, the big thing they have brought to the market is to simplify and streamline the process of dealing with the ATF.  They can’t make them process forms faster but they can make it easier on you and give you the confidence that it will go through smoothly.  Form 1s have typically been a tricky thing for people wanting to SBR a lower to get right, the first time.   

Silencer Shop Direct: Q Full Nelson Review

Today we take a look at a very impressive new Silencer from Q, the Full Nelson.

Silencer Shop Direct: Gemtech Tracker 30 on a 300 blackout pistol

A few years ago I had the idea of using a TC Contender in 300 Blackout with a red dot and a can for close range hunting.. Lots of times I have been hunting in a blind and had deer and hogs come within easy pistol range.  I did a fair amount of handgun hunting with 357s, 41 and 44 mags.  But, I have to admit, once I started shooting suppressed I pretty much stopped handgun hunting.  I decided to change that and get this project going for real.