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Long Range Pursuit

Mike Davidson of Gunwerks and Western Lands Outfitters sort through dozens of big bulls to find a 400 class monster for hunter Bruce Jardine.  The shooting tip demonstrates Ultra Long Range shooting with the new MOA Ballistic Turret from G7.  The long range ballistics segment illustrates proper shot placement.

Thermal hog hunt on video with the Silencer Shop and Lonestar boars

I recently met Todd Huey from due to our mutual love of hog hunting.  He has been making some awesome thermal hunt videos.   I hooked up with him and Dave from the SilencerShop for a hunt in central Texas.  We had a great time driving around at night with night vision and looking for pigs with thermal spotters.  Once we found a group we would sneak in with the wind in our face and get within 50 yards of them.  We would line up and do a countdown, 3, 2, 1 pew!

Exotic Hunt with the Silencer Shop and Action Outdoor Adventures

What a great weekend in south Texas..  hunting exotics.  The guys the Silencer Shop had a film crew with them for some cool upcoming action and I got my hunt on camera.

Sean shoots a nice Doe with the Weatherby Hog Reaper 7mm08

Got to to some more field testing with this nice little rifle and got it on video..

David gets his buck!

My middle child, David who is 9 has hunted hard with me this year and got his first deer, a doe earlier in the season. Been trying to get him on the right buck since then.

Nice buck down on video!

Took this nice management buck down with my Nosler 280AI..

Nice boar down

My daughter Ava’s first hog hunt and we got a nice boar



A weekend at Wild River Ranch

A weekend at Wild River Ranch

How it all started

I consider myself to be very experienced in the way of the gun however I have always admitted to being a total “noob” hunter.  Hunting is something I wanted to get into for years but never really had the motivators, such as being around experienced hunters. With the age of my sons currently being 3 years (this march) and 6 months I thought I need to get on this, and become proficient so I can teach the boys when they are old enough.

TGR Hog Hunting tips

TGR offers up a few hog hunting tips

We tend to run our ARs in 6.8 SPC loaded with Barnes 95g TTSX for hog hunting most of the time.

A few pictures of some of our succesful hunts

Night Vision Gen 3 Hog Hunting

Friends of TGR –  We have personally hunted with these guys and they are awesome.  They are based out of Seguin, TX south of San Antonio.  Guys from out of state can fly into San Antonio, be in Seguin within the hour, and hunting hogs on a South Texas ranch that night.  Very high success rate.

Hunting Videos

A cool video from our good friends Randy and Gerald with Nighthogs.

These guys are in south Central Texas between Austin and San Antonio.

We have gone hunting with them and they are first class guides that WILL put you on some hogs up close and personal using the latest GenIII NVG and suppressed weapons.  You couldn’t ask for nicer guys and they genuinely want you to be happy and bust their butts to make it happen.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of scammers out there that call themselves hunting guides or outfitters…

Randy and Gerald are class acts and I highly recommend them.   This much fun isn’t legal in a lot of states, man, I love living in Texas.