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Glock 17 w/ Endo Tactical Adapter, Shockwave Pistol Blade Review


By: Cary Kieffer

I have built several AR pistols up with the Shockwave Pistol Blade kits, I feel they look nicer than the Sig Brace, they are cheaper and are more easily adjustable with dimples in the buffer tube it comes with for a set screw. So, when I saw this kit for a Glock full size pistol I had to give it a try. I have been thrilled, so if something like this interests you read on.

EAA Witness Elite Stock III Review

By: Cary Kieffer


I’ve always been a fan of Witness pistols, the CZ style pistols for me have excellent point ability. They just seem to naturally line up for me fast and shoot very good groups. I also am a die hard fan of the 38 Super, so the two together made it impossible for me to turn down when the Sportsman’s Guide had the hard to find Elite Stock III on sale. I always wanted one of these and when I got her home the advertisement just didn’t do her justice. Let’s take a closer look at this beauty.

PSA 9mm AR Pistol Build Review

20150321_103304_resizedBy: Cary Kieffer

Did you ever want an AR in 9mm? I did and for a lot of reasons they make sense. Generally, I am a Rock River and SIG 516 fan and they make up the bulk of my rifles. I did want to build a budget beater PSA 9mm AR and preserve my two 1000$ plus dollar Rock River 9’s. I started with a PSA 9mm AR pistol kit and a stripped receiver. Let’s see how all that turned out.

Kimber K6s Revolver Review

Kimber introduced the new K6s Revolver at SHOT Show 2016 and Tactical Gun Review was there to try it out first-hand.  Kimber had a booth at Range Day and it was a beautiful, if windy, day at the Boulder Pistol and Rifle Club.  Jason and I headed over to Kimber soon after arriving to see what all the buzz was about.  Kimber introduced a revolver?

Kimber produced the K6s Revolver primarily as a concealed carry (or backup) weapon.  Despite its small size, it packs six rounds of .357.  It will, of course, also accept .38 Special.  Specs:

Glock grip work by H&N arms

Glock grip work by H&N Arms

Like most shooters I’m a big fan of Glocks. Ease of maintenance, spare
parts and reliability make it a no brainer. So when SureFire came
out with the new XC-1 light I figured a new G19 was the answer.

Like a lot of people I have a list of mods I like to do to my
Glocks to make them more comfortable for me. Night sights, mag
release and slide stop are easy fixes. But the more important part
for me is a little grip work. Usually this means mailing off the
frame and waiting for up to six weeks for some of the bigger name

Kimber Warrior is a 1911 win

Kimber Warrior 1911

There are some guns that just feel absolutely perfect from the second you pick it up. The weight, the balance, the grip, everything about it just feels like it was made for you. This is how I felt when I first held the Kimber Warrior.


Everyday carry (EDC) is a topic of conversation that can you get you into an argument quicker than politics or religion. With so many options on the market, the possibilities seem endless, and can be overwhelming for the unprepared. However, unlike some, I believe there is no one perfect firearm for EDC that fits all individuals. An individual needs to be comfortable with the firearm they carry and the firearm needs to be comfortable and easily concealable.

NeoMag, the best option concealed mag carry

As a Police Officer, I’ve been carrying a gun on and off duty for the last 7+ years.  I carried with my CHL prior to my career in Law Enforcement for several years.  A universal issue I’ve had is, where do I carry my spare magazine when I carry in plain cloths or off duty? A new product called NeoMag is just the solution I’ve been looking for. It is so simple, I can’t believe it took this long to make. 

EAA Witness P-Carry 10mm: Nice but NOT My Bear Gun

So my girlfriend is a stick n string bear hunter. Me, I’ll pass on that craziness. I told her I’d back her up with my M-1 Garand and a Ruger 454 across my chest with a couple speedloaders and en-bloc clips in my pocket. So we have this black bear hunting trip planned and I wanted a concealable, light weight pistol for our nature walks with our dogs and daily run for cardio. She tells me wolves are a much bigger concern than black bear are…OK…Sounds like I need a 10mm then.

Glock 19 ATEI RMR Project – Detailed Look

Glock 19 ATEi mounted Trijicon RMR04 - Silencerco Osprey 40

Glock 19 ATEi mounted Trijicon RMR04 – Silencerco Osprey 40

I have had this Trijicon RMR04 topped Glock 19 set up for just about a month now and around 500 rounds through the combo and have been very impressed so far. 

Glock 19 ATEI RMR Project

The Glock 19 could easily be argued as a “Do All” pistol.  Whether it’s for home defense, concealed carried, pistol matches or even LE/MIL use, the Glock 19 brings a lot to the table.  These pistols are accurate, boringly reliable, there is a huge aftermarket available for them due to their immense popularity, and they are easily affordable.  I personally have been shooting Glocks in USPSA competitions since 2000 in both Limited and Production divisions.  In addition, I carried a Glock 22 for the better part of 4 years for my duty gun and a Glock 27 as a back up and off-duty pistol; but until recently, I had never owned a Glock 19.  After over a decade of shooting Glocks, I couldn’t resist any longer and wanted to start a new project to push the boundaries of what shooters considered to be the effective limitations of a pistol.

Browning 1911-22 Black Label

This just in from the Silencer Shop!

Brand new Browning 1911-22 Black Label.  Featuring a threaded barrel, ambidextrous safety and a Picatinny rail.