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Gunwerks Announces the Release of the GRB Bolt Rifle Action

Cody, WY – Custom rifle manufacturer Gunwerks announced today that it will release the GRB bolt rifle action for the first time to the general public.


The GRB action is a complete ground-up bolt rifle action with a Remington 700 footprint, compatible with most Remington 700 inletted stocks. The 416 stainless steel body can be run unfinished or coated with a number of firearm coatings including Cerakote. Gunwerks’ proprietary Tri-Lock recoil lug provides the benefit of an integral lug action in a far more affordable package. The GRB action will be available at a similar price to a blueprinted factory action, but with many features of a premium custom action.


Tikka T3x Tac A1 FULL REVIEW

Tikka T3x Tac

Scotty Ledgerwood of Amorphous Gear shares his thoughts on the Tikka T3x Tac A1 chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor.  In this video review, Scotty will walk you through the Tikka T3x, Kahles K624i scope, Harris bipod, and why he believes this is THE rifle to run.

Check out all of his reviews on the Amorphous Gear channel.

Tikka product description.  

Gun Range Etiquette – How to Behave and Stay Safe

Gun Reviews

If you are planning a trip to the gun range, you will need to keep a few tips on etiquette in mind so that you can stay safe and avoid creating enemies. Shooting is a lot of fun, but making certain mistakes during your trip can get you banned or cause an injury to occur.

Luckily, following the rules is easy and serves to allow everyone to enjoy their time at the range. Some people ignore these tips because they don’t think that the advice applies to them, but range officers won’t hesitate to ban those who follow that path.

So let’s look at some things you should do to make sure your behaviour is acceptable and maintains safety.

Secure Your Firearm

The last thing that you want to do is walk into a gun shop or range with a loaded firearm in your hand.

Wilson Combat 308 drops two hogs

New Wilson Combat 308 and their 168g TTSX ammo did the job on these Texas boars after sundown.  Love the Nightforce NSX 2.5-10×42 with the illuminated reticle in green in NVG compatible setting.

Templar Tactical Archangel is such an awesome can!

Wilson Combat 308 drops two pigs

Wilson Combat 308 drops two pigs


The Hunt Line by Average Gun Guy

Press Release:  The Hunt Line by Average Gun Guy….Right at home in the woods.

Average Gun Guy is pleased to announce the launch of our new Hunt Line.  These new rifles combine old world feel with modern internals giving you the best of both worlds.  Built on an AR-15 receiver set, each rifle is finished with walnut furniture including butt stock, grip and handguard.

Consumer Gun Review: Daniel Defense 300 Blackout

Daniel Defense 300 BLK

I bought my first AR 15 in 223/556 back in Feb of 2013. I was not happy with the 223 ballistics and was soon on the pursuit for a larger caliber AR style rifle. So obviously, I started looking at the 308 caliber. However, the cost slowed me down as well as the weight (for hunting). So while searching the internet blogs for insight and knowledge, I discovered the 300 Blackout.

New Frontier Armory – LW15: Lightweight Polymer Lowers

I have been watching the development of several versions of polymer lowers over the past few years, and after learning more about their product development and testing process I decided to try out New Frontier Armory’s polymer AR-15 lower (LW-15 Gen II).

Consumer Gun Review: Rguns AR complete uppers!

I just ordered 2 complete uppers for my AR lower. One a CQB type (red dot/open sight) and one a long range type (scope). The first impression was awesome, color and style were great, parts quality, great.

Consumer Review: Better Lighter Faster Cheaper

          Like many of you out there, I’ve seen the video of Travis Haley (then in the employ of Blackwater) sniping Iraqi insurgents in Najaf in 2004.  And like most of the kids and young men who saw Mr. Haley tagging Jaish al-Mahdi at around 800 meters, I wanted a rifle just like his because I thought it was badass.

Consumer Gun Review: Sig Sauer M400 AR15

About a month ago i purchased an Sig Sauer M400 AR15.  Over that past month I have shot this gun a lot.  Every time that I go to the range that gun is with me. I have put almost 1500 rounds through it by now and have not had one malfunction.  It is a dream to shoot.

Consumer Gun Review: Rock River Arms LAR Tactical Operator 2

Excellent AR-15 for $1,000. For what you get straight from the factory is kind of a lot for your money’s worth.

Consumer Review: Sig Sauer M400 AR15

I just bought a Sig Sauer M400 AR15 in 223 cal. I ran about a 100 rounds of mixed ammo – HP’s, SP’S, steel points – through it on my first outing. I rapid fired it from standing  up and slow fired also.Not one hiccup in the firing. Recoil was neglibible and return point of aim was fast .