What is the caliber of your primary defensive handgun?

What do you trust? 9, 40, 45?  380?

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7 Responses to What is the caliber of your primary defensive handgun?

  1. Charlie Bales says:

    Mine is a 10mm Glock #20 with Double Tap 135 Grain JHP But I use my #21 .45 the most . I can buy .45’s at Wal-Mart have to special order from the net for my 10mm’s

  2. Kerry Mihlhauser says:

    9 mm is primary at home. CC is my .380 as it fits in my purse.

  3. evi1joe says:

    Home gun is 9mm, but “PRIMARY defensive” gun is the LCP I carry 97% of the time. The Kahr P9 and G19 get carried like 1 out of every 30 outings.

  4. Cary Kieffer says:

    9mm for me too. I have alot of “primary” defense guns depending on situation. By and large they are almost all 9mm. I agree with Charles that the 9mm with good ammo is “enough” cartridge. I roll with 124 +P Golden Sabres or Hornady Critical Defense. I test them both and carry whichever grouped better with that particular weapon. I also like that world wide 9mm is in use, it’s everywhere. Also I have ammo compatibility with my Uzi’s and Mac’s if I decide its time for a carbine. Furthermore practice ammo tends to be cheaper in bulk, you can train more which is way more important than how large your bullet is.

    • ccoker says:

      I failed to include relatively cheap and available ammo as one of the reasons for 9 but as you pointed out being able to train with it is a huge advantage.
      I have 3 9s, carry is a g19, fun/completion is a Wilson Combat Spec Ops 9 and a M&P 9c for my wife / home defense with a full size mag and CT laser grips.

  5. Charles Coker says:

    I will start by voting 9mm. Reason being is that after much research including the excellent work by Doc Roberts I believe the differences between 9, 40 and 45 are very minimal with modern defensive ammo. Also, according to FBI data one well placed round is unlikely to stop an attacker and multiple rounds will be needed to stop his or her actions. A high capacity 9mm with good ammo like Gold dots will allow for faster followup shots as well as carrying more ammo in the unfortunate event you are forced to defend yourself. I pray that I am never put in that position.

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