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  1. Travis Wright
    September 15, 2014

    You did a GREAT job on article. My kids are still several years away from needing a rifle, but I have already started the conversation in my own mind and this article was fantastic. I have little knowledge about reloads, so a lot of the specifics on powder and bullets was lost on me, but it let’s me know that that reloading a .308 down to make a youth gun is possible, now I can spend some time studying reloading.

    Thank you for your time in putting this information together.

    I am interested to read more about the 125grain managed recoil load from remington.


    • ccoker
      September 18, 2014

      I am really happy you liked it..
      The Browning Micro Hunter is an awesome gun..

      Truthfully, a 300 Blackout with the 110g Barnes Vortex load is about the same and easy to find anywhere..
      Might be a better option if you want factory ammo.

      I just came across this and I have requested one..

      Thanks for the feedback


  2. Cary Kieffer
    March 14, 2012

    Hey Charles ya know what might make a good rifle to start with for a project like this….a #5 Enfield jungle carbine…..it could be done cheaply! If somebody wanted to build a rifle like this on a budget. Light, short and the loads you’ve been working on are down around the 303 catridge range. Those Sante Fe imports are nice and rock solid for around 250-300$. The stock could be trimmed a bit if needed and optics can be set up “scout” rifle style too, if thats what somebody prefered. Those are already parts guns so its not like your destroying a piece of history. Just a thought….Good article!


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