Beretta PX4 Storm 9mm Review

Beretta PX4

The Beretta PX4 Storm is a thoroughly modern pistol that checks all the boxes.  Polymer frame, yep.  Accessory rail, check.  Modular design, absolutely.  Ambidextrous safety, check.  Interchangeable backstraps, got it.  Mag release options, yes.  Decocking lever, built in to the safety.  Bruniton non-glare finish, yes.  High capacity magazine, 17 rounds.  Choice of calibers, frame sizes, and actions?  Check, check, check.

This is a review of the standard Beretta PX4 Type F in 9mm.  The Type F is a traditional double action/single action incorporating a decocking feature built into the safety.

One really cool design feature of the Beretta PX4 is the rotary barrel.  The rotary barrel and low axis result in a weapon with light felt recoil and minimal muzzle flip.  Given that the gun just “feels right” in your hand it is very easy to shoot.  I recently ran 500 rounds through it during a three hour training class and was not fatigued (no doubt partial credit goes to the Uplula mag loader!).

I have run 1,000+ rounds through her with zero fails.

Trigger pull and accuracy are about what you would expect from Beretta.

It is really amazing what the designers are doing these days.  The Beretta PX4 can be custom-fitted to just about anyone and it would seem appealing to say, a left-handed person of slight build, or a lady shooter, or anyone else who isn’t comfortable with a stock gun.

I’ve been carrying it in a Crossbreed holster and that rigs works fairly well.

Personal preference might direct you towards another weapon but the PX4 hits a sweet spot of price, performance, and features.

by Mike Coker

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12 Responses to Beretta PX4 Storm 9mm Review

  1. JT says:

    I bought my PX4 (full size) in early 2013. I have now shot 3,000 rds (FMJ) thru it and not single failure. The slide cycles like glass. The pistol is very accurate. And the lines remind me of a Ferrari. I just got back from a tactical pistol class last night. You carry the gun with a round in the chamber and the hammer de-cocked with the safety/de-cocker in the fire position so your first shot out of the holster is double-action and you don’t have to worry about a safety. The safety/de-cocker doesn’t bother me when I rack the slide because I hold my thumb and fore-finger to the slide right up against the safety/de-cocker and use the safety/de-cocker to move the slide. After some practice I can rack the slide all day without any safety-bite.

  2. Mike Coker says:

    I agree that the safety control is at an awkward position and takes repeated practice to get quick with smoothly presenting and clicking to fire.

  3. agnar150 says:

    I like this gun because it is very accurate and low recoil. What I don’t like is the safety. It hurts my hand when I cock the gun, plus it would be better with a matte finish to grip the slide better.

  4. mitch says:

    been using the 9mm compact for a couple of years now and love it. no problem with any ammo i’ve thrown at it, it eats it all. like it so much i bought the sub-compact also

  5. Bob says:

    I have been looking at the Beretta PX4 and like almost everything about the gun. The reviews are inconsistent. They are all over the place ranging from “This is the best gun I have ever owned” to “This gun jams all the time” We can’t blame the ammo because one PX4 will flawlessly shoot everything you run throught it and the next one will jam. Could this be a quality control issue?

    • Bob Ru. says:

      I own Beretta PX4 Storm F for 5 years, ~1-1.5K rounds shot – not a single jam!
      My friend owns Beretta 92FS – it jams pretty often. But this is completely different design.

    • Bob Ru. says:

      PS: I use inexpensive ammunition from Walmart – Federal and Winchester. Works 100% of the time.

  6. John Williams says:

    I have a Beretta PX4 Storm and I love the gun it works perfectly and no problems at all. Execpt when I used cheap reloaded 9mm ammo, I believe the fault of the ammo since I started useing a little better loads no problem. The cheap stuff also had the same problem in my CZ75 so I fault the ammo.

    The PX4 mags also fit my CX4 so that feature I like.

  7. cary kieffer says:

    I’m not surprised with Beretta’s customer service..ToddK’s story hits home with me after having tried to return 2 defective pistols to them for repair…2 BRAND NEW guns…a 92F back in the early 90’s and a 21A? I think it was in 22 cal. back about 96. Their customer service sucked both times and they refused to pay shipping either way! Reading your post pissed me off all over again and thats been many years ago LOL:) So I said screw it both times and returned both guns for a full refund to the dealers. I swore off Beretta after the second time. I’d find a new dealer too Todd…plenty of them out there will stand behind a new purchase. Johnson’s in Adrian MI where I shop now would never do that to you. That shop you went to would never see another nickel from me. Glad your gun is fixed though. Good job on getting her shooting! I love seeing that.

  8. Mike Coker says:

    Todd – Sorry to hear that. I’ve had zero problems with mine.

  9. ToddK says:

    Purchased a 9mm Compact version, for my girlfriend.
    First time at the range was a disaster.
    Double spring was bunching during recoil, causing constant failure to eject…

    Gun shop wouldn’t exchange, so ended up sending it off to Beretta.
    It took some time to get them to even admit there was a problem.

    Finally got the weapon back. And it functions properly.
    However, I will never be completely confident with the pistol.

    I was surprisingly disappointed with the weapon, and with Beretta.

    All that being said… the rotating barrel really does eliminate almost all recoil.

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