AK-47 wood furniture stock sets review

I recently bought a new AK-47 and I went with the less expensive route that had composite grips and hand gaurds and decided to buy the furniture wood stock seperatley.  I heard good things about jadnil from a few other message boards and a friend who had bought from them before and I did quite a bit of reasearch and decided to go with these guys for the reputation of excellence.  I have a Yugo M70 underfolder and I purchased a 3 piece stock set from them with a Russian Red finish and was extremely satisfied with it.  It’s hard to find decent furniture for AK’s that look good and fit well, but these guys are pros at what they do and they hand finish every piece they sell and the price is very reasonable as well at around $90 for a 3 piece stock set for an underfolder.  Thier website is


By: Mike

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