308 Subsonic ammo testing

I needed some subsonic 308 ammo to do some testing with and so I called my friend Chad from Dallas Reloads.

I have ran his 300 Blackout ammo and it ran great.

I am testing a rifle project I am working on with Tim Frampton from Weatherly.

16″ threaded 308

Why 308 for subs?

Simple, I can still run full power 308 which clearly stomps 300 BO.

Out of a bolt gun with a can subsonic 308 is wicked quiet. I believe quieter than 300.

Chad runs the Sierra 180g softpoint.and I fully intend to shoot some does with it. I do not expect to have expansion so my shots would be limited to close range head shots on stationary targets only.

Standby for more info and hopefully some action on video.

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2 Responses to 308 Subsonic ammo testing

  1. Cary Kieffer says:

    Whats he getting for a box of these?? I could use 500 rds for my new can. I been shooting Quiet Quest with a 175 match king but if the price is right I’ll be happy to shoot these?

  2. Jason Hallmark says:

    Subsonic .308 is crazy quiet! The giggle factor is awesome! My experience showed it to be 4 mils low at 100 yards.

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